Nutbunny Fanfic Theatre 3000

Welcome to the page for my new MSTing Series! In this series, several of my characters, and Ford Prefect, read fanfics and various other things, and mock them. Click below and read. (Start with the prologue. Then continue on.)


Season One

Episode 1 Rated G

Episode 2 Rated PG

Episode 3 Rated R (Almost lemony, some language)

Episode 4 Rated PG *Featuring guest MSTers*

Episode 5 Rated PG

Episode 6 Rated NC-17 (Lemon) *Featuring guest MSTers*

Episode 7 Rated NC-17 (Lemon) *Featuring guest MSTers*

Season two

Episode 1 Rated G

Episode 2 Rated G

Episode 3 Rated G

Episode 4 Rated G

Check back for more! Updated more or less every weekend.

Now that is taking down all the MSTs, a lot of MSTers are moving out to new homes around the web. I'm collecting as many MST links and I can, so check them out, too. Link Collection

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