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06/16/03, 1:46 AM: Not dead! It's late! I have completely changed the main page with a new format, the resembles my original from long ago, except this one is just a little more on the pretty side. LOL, anyway, a lot of links are broke for now, so be cautious! I intend to fix them all soon, as well as finally add the synopsis page! 'Bout time, eh? But for now, I need to sleep! So, nighty-night!

09/24/02, 3:16 PM: Konnichiwa! Well, a lot has gone by since I last updated and moved into my dorm. My dorm room is great (good enough for me) and I bought myself a tv ^_^! There's an Anime Club here at Truman University (my college, as you can see) and I've been having loads of fun with the people in this club, staying up till 4-6 in the morning every Friday and Saturday night just talking and watching loads of anime I've never seen before (and now I have a lot of new favorites! Trigun, Cowboy BeBop, Hellsing, etc.)! I even have lost my voice from talking so much since Friday! Wooh! Anyway, my sissy Ang loves me, so she bought a scanner, so anytime I go over to her house (which is often) I can scan new material! Wooh! That means new fan art! Because of that scanner, I opened a new site two days ago called 366 DAYS! Go check it out! I will have new art up on this site very soon, probably later today! So, look forward to a lot of updates now! I even updated Bye, and I love you all!

08/17/02, 11:53 PM: Well, here's some info I got to pass to you guys! Sorry, but updates will be even more rare now (but the biggest change is that it'll take me longer to answer your emails)! I'm moving into my dorm tomorrow, and it's my first year in college. I'm not gonna have my own computer in my room (not even a tv), and I'll be lucky if I can come home every other weekend since I have no car. So, anyway, when I do have any chance to update, hopefully they'll be big updates instead of small ones. Sorry! But stay tuned to this site as always ^_^! Bye!

I started working on several new main page fomats. Hopefully, I'll actually start update the pages soon! :P

08/06/02, 1:14 AM: Nothing new much, just the About Me page was updated and we have a new affiliate. I hope to makes some new main page formats sometime, but I don't know exactly when. Bye-o!

07/13/02, 11:51 PM: HA-hah! Hi! Nothing new really for the site. Sorry! But...Check out the new page that is on all my websites, the H E L P ! page! You can help my sites out by making money donations (I hope this money account works :P). If you don't want to donate, you can still go to the page and join my notify list, which will tell updates about all my sites!

I have opened a new site about Inuyasha called Tamashii no Chikara. Go check it out!

Enjoy! Bye!

06/13/02, 1:49 AM: WOOH! 4 months without a single update! Yeesh! Since then, I'm out of high school, graduated, now have a summer job at a nursing home, and completely destroyed and recreated my main site, Holli the Genet. Yee-haw! :D. Well, most everything that needs to be made or updated on this site, well...uh, isn't. LOL, and I'll wonder if I'll ever do them. Heehee, give me time. There are new pics up in Images, and they've been there for awhile, so check them out if you haven't seen them yet!

02/11/02, 4:32 PM: A bunch of new screencaps have been provided by Kori in Images! Sadly, they're not what she originally send me since they were so huge, so I had to size them down, but I still love these pics! Enjoy!

01/21/02, 9:37 PM: I opened Fan Works! Not much there at all yet! So submit stuff!
I'm working on the story summary. I'll have some posted soon. ^_^

01/09/02, 8:43 PM: Nothing new from last update except for:


01/02/02, 11:45 AM: Hi! Well nothing is really new. I need to work on the script sometime *sigh* and The Story *sigh*. I had an inquiry about adding sound wavs from the movie to the site but...that's a real hassle, and it'll take a lot of space on my site. Maybe someday, but not anytime soon. But, anyway, I did move my Pocket Bishoujo to the Miscellanous page. I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays! And also, you can see what I've been up to again. Waiting for the 1st badge again!

11/07/01, 4:49 PM: Yeesh! Been awhile since I noted an update. I sadly haven't done anything on the site (busy, busy, busy!) plus I've been working on a fourth site, and it's gonna be a bit before it will be ready to open. But, ^_^ I did do something for this site. See:

09/12/01, 7:02 PM: Yesterday was an ugly day that reared it's horrible head up high and knocked lives apart.... I hope everyone can find some hope and some peace. I too will do the same. I did have this site down for grievence, and it's been only one day, but I think I should bring the site back already today. The attack was one on our spririts and our freedoms yesterday. I am not going to let my spirit drag, but rather work on my sites as always. I pray for us all.

09/03/01, 10:39 PM: Well, I finally got my first badge for Malta, that's been up on the main page for a few days now. Cute, eh?

08/21/01, 3:25 PM: Well, I haven't really done anything, (I have other sites too!) but I have been up to this.

I'm the first to catch Malta and I'm still waiting for my first badge, but the above badge is for anyone else who catches her. See if you can pass my quiz about her at Pocket Bishoujo and catch her! It's not hard at all. ^_^ Now if only Pocket Bishonen would open back up so I could submit Syrius and Bibble! Their last update was in April!

08/16/01, 9:26 AM: Not that anyone really cares, by I updated the page about me. Later!