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Syrius:  Ending Credit Art

The Gods once lived on earth, and two siblings, Oceanus - God of Water, and Hyperia - Goddess of Fire, lived in peace and dearly loved each other. However, the God of Wind, Algaroc, become jealous of the pair's happiness, and spread lies and deceit between them until their hatred for each other brought about war. Finally, Algaroc was imprisoned by the King of Gods, but after that time, the brother and sister still despised each other, so the Children of Fire and Water forever remained apart.

However...Prince Syrius of the Water and Princess Malta of the Fire meet and fall in love. The love of Syrius and Malta may not be enough to surpass their parents' hatred. Whether they can stay together forever may be impossible.

I used most of this basic synopsis for the encycolpedia entry about this move at Anime News Network! ^_^


Before Syrius and Malta were born, King Oceanus of Water and Queen Hyperia lived in happy bliss in a cloud of steam, living as brother and sister. But the god and goddess' bliss together was soon disturbed. Algaroc, the Lord of the Winds was jealous of the siblings and whispered evil rumors and thoughts to each of them saying that the other intended to overthrow the other. Sadly, the siblings believed Algaroc's lies and Hyperia soared to the heavens to live and Oceanus started raging his waters around the globe. War broke out and many children of fire and of water died because of their parents' angry. Earth was left in ruins, and the King of the gods quickly stopped their war. He took Algaroc's eye, the source of his power and had him imprisoned at the bottom of the sea in the place that would become known as the Forbidden Zone. King Oceanus' waves still crashed around the globe however, till they even threatened Queen Hyperia's palace. When the sea had finally calmed, Hyperia created the Holy Flame to guard the her children, with it placed by the ocean shore. So Oceanus and Hyperia never reconciled with each other, and from the time on water and fire were always to be apart.

It's the break of day underwater. A sleepy mercritter named Bibble finally shakes himself awake and swims off the enjoy the day. He wakes up everyone he meets while on his way to go wake up his best friend, Prince Syrius.

Bibble finds Syrius and wakes him up to the dismay of Syrius' worrisome sea horse servants. Bibble who is seems to be a lot younger than Syrius yells at his friend in kiddish excitement about how Syrius has promised to take him hunting that day. Bibble has even made a sling rope of sorts to go after jelly fish with. While chattering, he swings it, but his swinging is stopped when the end of it is caught in the mouth by a huge fish. Syrius laughs at his friend and tells him he'll have to do better than that when he's up against jelly fish. When Syrius is finally fully awake and ready to go, he yells at Bibble that if he beats him to the hunting grounds, he can have his knife. Bibble readily agrees and goes swimming after his friend. The sea horses watch them leave commenting that they'll get themselves in trouble sooner or later.

After swimming by many of the most beautiful places underwater, Syrius is started to feel something attached to his tail. It turns out to be Bibble who had kept up with him and was now holding on to stay with him.

Bibble solmenly stands as Syrius then knights him as a protector of the water people. He then tells Bibble that he has to defeat a jelly fish near by to prove his worthiness. Bibble yells in terror to see a HUGE jelly fish looming behind him. Syrius laughs at him and gives him his knife to battle at the jelly fish with. Bibble feebily tries to attack with the knife and his sling but is soundly slapped by the jelly fish. Bibble is very much over his head, and Syrius teases him as the jelly fish tossles him. Finally Bibble yells that Syrius can have his knife back and he'll do anything if he just helps him. Syrius laughs saying Bibble should have said so. The prince promptly slams into the jelly wish getting his knife back and breaking off some of its tentacles, freeing Bibble. The broken pieces of the jelly fish become little ones that Syrius pulls off himself. While he's doing this, the jelly fish makes for it's escape and swims off. Syrius hurriedly goes after it, with Bibble not far behind.

The boys quickly stop when they come to the top of a cliff at the edge of the Forbidden Zone where the jelly fish seems to have disappeared. Syrius with no explaination for his friend goes into the zone anyway, leaving Bibble by himself to worry about him.

Syrius explores the dark confines of the Forbidden Zone until he spots a jelly fish. He quickly speeds over to it and dives down it ripping it through the middle. At first Syrius can't tell what has happened, but then the jelly fish disappears. Syrius whistles in triumph and is about to head back when something catches his attention.

Floor critters try to grab at Syrius as he explores farther, but then a dim light catches his eye. Looking up, Syrius sees a beautiful light, and he doesn't know where it's coming from. Cautiously he swims up, and up until there's a brief flash of light.

Syrius is surprised to see that he has come to the water's surface, and looks around in curiousity. He spots a fire, and a beautiful girl tending to it and dancing around it. The girl stops and sees him and Syrius quickly dives back under. He wonders what he saw is quietly breaks to the surface again. The fire is still there, but there is no sight of the girl. Wondering where she went, he finds his way to land and starts climbing up onto a ledge when the fire suddenly becomes brighter. The fire becomes piercingly bright and knocks Syrius back into the water where he sinks to the bottom unconsious. The girl appears, stepping out of the flame.

Meanwhile Bibble is lamenting to himself crying that he's too young to die when underwater ghosts come prowling by scaring him. He yells towards the Forbidden Zone that Syrius shouldn't have abandoned him, but still remains scared, hoping his friend will still show up. Bibble yells to see Syrius floating out of the zone, face down, being pulled into the slight whirlpool below. Bibble quickly swims after his friend and pulls him free and back up to the cliff he had been on before.

Bibble tries to get his friend to wake up, yelling at him and slapping his face, but Syrius remains motionless. Little Bibble starts screaming and crying that the prince is dead when Syrius slowly and goofly wakes up. Syrius suddenly snaps awake and Bibble is surprised and accidently knocked against the rocks as Syrius quite frankly, freaks out ^_^. Syrius finally snaps out of it and tiredly sinks down and sits. Bibble asks him if he's all right, and Syrius tells him that he saw a fire and a girl next to it in the Forbidden Zone. Bibble thinks that sounds like trouble and tugs at his friend and says that they really need to get away from the Forbidden Zone. Syrius doggedly slumps up to the top of the cliff and peers down to try to see anything that might be there. The boys fail to notice that the currents have picked up and both have a hard time not being sucked into the whirlpool below. The cliff that Syrius is on crumbles and he almost falls into the clutches of a hand that has appeared out of the hole of the whirlpool at the bottom of the Forbidden Zone. Bibble pulls Syrius back up the cliff, but they're still being pulled in. Syrius swims as hard as he can with Bibble holding onto his tail again, with the hand still grabbing at them. They run down the cliff and dive out of its reach. The hand having not grabbed the boys, sinks back into the whirlpool. Syrius and Bibble both breathe heavily in relief, but both don't seem to know who or what that was.

The sea horses and other various sea creatures are frantically busy with cleaning up and refining the way Syrius looks, and he now wears a white cape of sorts. An octopus that is powdering Syrius down accidently sneezes and sprays everyone with his ink. But this doesn't stop them from continuing their frantic melee.


Syrius:  Concept Movie Style Art