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This script setup is very simple. Each character is designated a color and you can figure out the script from there. Some sound effects are not typed here, such as laughing, a yelp someone might make when hitting the ground and etc.... Spaces between paragraphs by the same character show a pause before they spoke again. Anything in ( ) is what I'm not sure of what the character said. ***** shows a definite/drastic change of time in the storyline or change of scene or scenery. To say the least, this will have errors in it, and it won't be a perfect copy of the actual script. But I'll try my darnest! More script will appear as I get it written down and typed.

Here's the Color Guide:

Syrius Malta Bibble Piale Oceanus Hyperia Aristurtle Sea Horses Mugwump
Mugwump's Goons Water Critters Fire Children Mud Monsters The Guards

Once upon a time, as the say, long before the time of Syrius and his fire child, the gods of fire and water lived as one, as brother and sister, and the earth rested in a misty nimbus of peace.

But like many fairy tales, our begins with an act of evil, for Algaroc, the dark lord of the winds grew jealous of the happy pair. And he planted the wicked thorns of suspicion and hatred between them. Thorns took root, and turned brother against sister. Great Oceanus, king of the waters, rose up in a fury, and sent his waves raging around the globe, so mighty that they even threatened the great palace of Hyperia, queen of fire.

The Earth was in chaos, and fire and water split asunder, never to be rejoined.

Hyperia, Hyperia, save us from the sea!

Oceanus is responsible. Algaroc has turned him against me. They want to estinguish my flame and wipe me from the face of the Earth.

They will not succeed. My flame will live! My children, gather you fires and come with me!

The storm is dead. The Earth is calm. This holy flame must be watched well, for as long as it burns the sea will be calm and the children of fire shall live!


Wake up! Wake up! Up and at 'em!

Good morning!

Hey! Calm down you little tadpole!


You must be quiet! For goodness' sake, stop making so much noise! Wait! Where are you going?! Don't! Stop!

Yoo hoo! Syrius! Wake up!!! You promised to take me hunting!

Don't! Shush up! Don't wake up the prince! Prince Syrius needs his sleep! He gave the strictest orders not to be disturbed! He did? Well, he would've if he hadn't been so tired last night.

Oh, be quiet! He promised to take me hunting. It's time for him to get up anyway! Oh! There you are!


Hey! Let's go catch ourselves a jelly fish! Look at what I've come up with! He won't stand a chance against this!

You'll have to do a lot better than that, Bibble.

Let go, c'mon! Let go!

Well, what are you waiting for? If you beat me there, I'll give you my knife!

Ah! Here I come! Last one there is a sea slug!

They're going to get themselves in trouble someday, I tell you! It's most distracting!


Ow! Hey, what the-! Oh! It's you, Bibble! You're still with me, huh? Okay, okay, let go, let go!

In the name of King Oceanus, I hereby dub you Sir Bibble, knight heirant and protector of the water people.

Now, to prove your worthiness, you must fight and destroy that creature of darkness!


Here's the knife you wanted. Now, now, Sir Bibble, go on, go on!

But, but I--uh--uh--Syrius!

Here goes nothing!

Take that! Un! Whoa-whoa!

Have at him, brave Sir Bibble!

Don't worry! I think you're tiring him out!

Syrius! Syrius!

Use your knife!

I can't! I-I can't!

What's wrong, Sir Bibble?

You can have your knife back, anything, only help me! Help!

Help you? Well, why didn't you say so? Wheeeee!!!

Not so fast!

Wait for me!

Woo woo! It's the Forbidden Zone!

Wait here.


He disappeared!






What was that?!



Syrius. Why'd you do it? Now I'll never see you again.


Help! Help! W-what a way to go, and I was only looking for some fun! Some friend you are, how could you--leave me here?!


Help, help! I'm too young to die!


Syrius! C'mon! C'mon!

Syrius, Syrius! Wake up, wake up! Huh? Nooooo!!!! You can't be dead!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Prince Syrius is dead!



Are you all right Syrius? It serves you right, going into the Forbidden Zone. (TO ME CONTINUED LATER!)