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Malta:  Ending Credit Art

Welcome to Legend of Syrius, a website dedicated to the Sanrio Film, Sea Prince and the Fire Child!

Not many people know about this great film that was originally in Japanese. Yes, this film is what we call an anime here in the U.S. now days.

The movie is copyrighted 1981 in Japan, and was released in the U.S. copyrighted 1982 in RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, along with several other Sanrio films.

The story itself was created by the CEO and founder of Sanrio, Shintaro Tsuji who was also an executive producer of the film. Others included in this film was Producer Tsunemasa Hatano, Director Masami Hata, Animation Directors Shigeru Yamamoto and Mikiharu Akabori, and Koichi Sugiyama was in charge of the wonderful music of this film.

Many fans of this movie remember watching this film when they were very young in the 80s, or if you're like me, didn't come in contact with it until just recently! (Read my story of how I saw this film on the Web Information page.)

This film is a beautiful retelling of Romeo and Juliet, but unlike Romeo and Juliet, this is a more exciting and wonderous story in my opinion. That's what I think after reading Romeo and Juliet in my high school freshman English Class! In this story Syrius of the Water is of the part of Romeo, and Malta of the Flame is of the part of Juliet.

The film and it's story before the film, was probably orginally called Legend of Syrius, and that is the reason for this site's name. When it came over to the U.S., the title was probably changed to The Sea Prince and the Fire Child, probably to be politically correct, since the story is about Syrius's love, Malta, just as much as it is about him.

Well, sit back, relax, and head on over to the The Story page to learn about the story of course, of this film! Also have fun on the other pages!

-Yours cheerfully,
Jookino Kodomo

Malta:  Movie Frame