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Read about the profiles of the characters.


Prince Syrius

Prince Syrius is the prince of waters, son of King Oceanus.
Syrius soon inherits his father's throne at age sixteen because of his service of keeping order and defending his father's kingdom from jelly fish and other dark creatures of the sea for all his life. Syrius had always been told to stay away from the fire people, but had never knew why he was taught that; plus he had never even gave the notion a thought anyway since it was something he had always been told. He does know to stay away from fires which can injure him and not to be caught on the surface during the day; the sun's rays kills water children like himself.
One night he goes into the Forbidden Zone pursuing a jelly fish. After defeating it he doesn't leave the zone but ends up exploring it. Pretty soon he sees a glow overhead and he heads up until with surprise he realizes he's broke to the water's surface. The glow turns out to be a fire, the Holy Flame and Malta, a fire child is guarding it.
Syrius is cheerful and is loved by everyone (except for Mugwump and his goons) in the water kingdom. Syrius seems to like to spend his days playing jokes and teasing his best friend Bibble , as wells as hunting jelly fish. However, when it comes to what he believes in and defending his father's kingdom, he is very serious.

Princess Malta is the daughter of Queen Hyperia, the ruler of fire.
Malta seems to be the most favored of all Hyperia's fire children. She seems to be the about the same age as Syrius and she has been sent to guard the Holy Flame every night, which seems to be a task she has done for a long time if not for most of her life. She awaits the day when she will inherit her mother's kingdom as queen of the fire people which will happen on the day of the Solar Eclipse.
When Syrius comes to the surface she at firsts hurts him with the Holy Flame. When Syrius returns to see what had shocked him nights later, she almost does the same thing again. Syrius and Malta know they are suppose to be enemies, but after talking shortly they both realize that their preconceived notions of each other being savages just don't hold true.
The first night Syrius and Malta talk and soon become friends, and realize before Syrius leaves that they seem to be more than just friends. They make a plan to meet every night. They soon realize in the days that follow that they have fallen in love with each other. They both realize their relationship must stay secret since they were never meant to meet in the first place.
Malta is a sweet girl who tries to be prim and formal, but most times she lets her warm personality shine through. She is very serious about her duty of guarding the Holy Flame. The long nights she guards it are often quiet and lonely for her even though she has fun in the Garden of Enon with her pet dogs. Often her best friend Piale tags along at night to come play with Malta even though Malta scolds at her to stay at the palace.

Princess Malta



Bibble is a mercreature water child. He is Syrius' best friend and comrade though he seems to be much younger than Syrius, in the area of about age five to ten. Bibble is a jovial, almost always optimisitic rascal who always is good at heart, loud at the mouth and always has fun with Syrius. He may be too brave for his own good and can often find himself in trouble in situations he can't handle. He believes strongly in the rules and honor of the Water Kingdom and in Syrius.
Bibble spots Syrius one night with Malta when Syrius had told him to go home, and he instead follows him through the Forbidden Zone. Even though Bibble is outraged at Syrius at first, a person who he thought would always stand for the Water Kingdom, he later finds out that he is Syrius' friend above all else and tries to help Syrius.

Piale is Malta's best friend, a fire child. She is completely devoted to Malta and also to the Fire Kingdom. She is very playful and often comes to see Malta when Malta is guarding the Holy Flame. She seems to be younger than Malta, a preteen or young teen. Piale is very childish and seems like a very simple girl who almost always says her own name instead of "I". (Example, she'll say: "Piale loves Malta!") Even though Piale seems to be simple, she's not stupid by any means. Piale loves to tease Malta because Malta is so very serious, and she's not.



King Oceanus

King Oceanus is the father of Syrius. Oceanus and Syrius seem to have a distant relationship because Syrius doesn't seem to have much contact with his father and always calls him by his name and not father. Oceanus is a very wise and serious ruler who has the upmost confidence and pride in Syrius being able to rule the Water Kingdom wisely and justly. Later when he finds out about Syrius loving Malta, he can't understand Syrius' actions and almost goes as far to call him a traitor because Syrius had always been told to never make contact with water people. He coldly locks Syrius away so he can't leave to see Malta. Even for all his greatness, Oceanus can't put aside his hatred for his sister Queen Hyperia, the mother of Malta. Oceanus can't see how Syrius needs Malta and lets his hate blind him.

Queen Hyperia is the mother of Malta. Hyperia seems to be very close with her young daughter and very proud of her. Hyperia is also very wise and looked forward to the day when Malta will rule in her place. When she finds out about how Malta loves Syrius, after she had told Malta every day in her life that the water is the enemy of the flame, she is highly disappointed in her daughter. Hyperia tries to change her daughter's mind by promising her that her feelings for Syrius will pass and she'll soon forget him. However, Malta won't change her mind, and sadly Hyperia imprisons Malta in the palace so she can not see him. Like Oceanus, she can't put her hatred for her brother Kind Oceanus aside and is blinded to the fact that Syrius and Malta need to be with each other and need each other.

Queen Hyperia



Aristurtle is a very old and wise sea turtle. His name is obviously a play on the name Aristotle, a Greek philosopher. Aristurtle often gives advice to Syrius and Bibble. He's a very good friend to both of Syrius and Bibble and often Syrius will talk to him about his problems, since he seems to be more of a father figure to him than Oceanus. At first Aristurtle is greatly distraught by finding out that Syrius has met a fire child. When Syrius doesn't listen to him, to not make contact with the fire people, Aristurtle shows up to save Syrius and Malta from plunging into the water. He then explains to the why water children and fire children can't be together. Aristurtle then realizes that the power of love can be greater than the hate of Oceanus and Hyperia when he sees that Syrius and Malta still won't seperate. He then tells them they can escape to a star where Fire and Water live as one.

These cutey little fire children have no names, but I fondly call them the Pixie Trio. One of them is pictured at right. These little ones appear only once in the film, but they help Malta escape from the palace by freeing her and distracting the guards with a little jig they dance.

Pixie Trio



Mugwump is Syrius' rival in everything, especially when it comes to who is to rule the water kingdom, a task he thinks he should have. Mugwump is a bully, and if Syrius was not around, many of the water children's lives would be miserable. Mugwump wants the Eye of Algaroc that Syrius wears, because Syrius receives it when he became king. Mugwump thinks if he has the Eye, he'll be king, and so when Syrius is imprisoned, Mugwump misleads Bibble into thinking that if he puts the eye back into Algaroc's head, he'll destroy everything, freeing Syrius in the progress. Of course, he takes the Eye when Bibble gets it, even though Bibble was going to take the eye to King Oceanus instead. When Algaroc is awaken by accident, Mugwump and his goons are pulled down and away; his fate is unknown, but he was probably killed in the destruction.

There are two dogs, one red and one blue that live in the Garden of Enon. They are the close friends and protectors of Malta.

The Dogs


The Guards

This funny looking guy is one of two weird looking guards of Oceanus and his palace. They stop Bibble from seeing Oceanus when he has the Eye of Algaroc.



Algaroc is the dark lord of the winds who grew jealous of Oceanus and Hyperia's happiness and started the hate between them. Often he appears as a dark horned creature, or as tentacles. When his eye is returned, he destroys the underwater kingdom, but is soon killed and destroyed forever when King Oceanus stabs him through his eye, his source of power.
These weird monsters are what I call the mud monsters. When Malta tries to find the Flowers of Elesium, she falls down into a hole where these guys try to eat her. But a bright light appears and she escapes.

Mud Monsters looking at Malta


Water Critters
Water Children

And of course there are the fire children that serve Queen Hyperia on the right and the water children and critters that live under King Oceanus' rule on the left.

Fire Children
Fire Children