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~ O o . Alastair . o O ~

~~ Version 1.1 - Thoughtful Gaze ~~

Hello and welcome to what seems to be the only Alexander O. Howell shrine on the 'Net. I'm Washu, or Alec no Miko, and I'll be your guide here. *smiles warmly and bows*

Now, I must warn you all - especially you crazy fangirls - Alec loves visitors, but he can get excited easily, and he tends to go chibi and run around. When this happens, please don't try to pick him up... it only makes matters worse. Trust me.

At any rate, you're all more than welcome to look around Alec-san's lab. Just... don't touch anything, okay? It's... not a good idea. *sweatdrops and smiles nervously*

Now, where can I take you?

My dear best friend, Aya-chan, has allowed me to borrow the AnC manga again so I can scan some more pics of Alec for the shrine. Now, my question is, sould I arrange the pictures by manga volume, or should I just keep it the way it is? Please vote in my poll below, and soon you'll have more lovely images of Alec-sama. Thanks! ^_^<3

Alec's Info ~~ Here you'll find Alec's stats, as well as some basic information.

Alec's Relationships ~~ How does Alec feel about the other characters of AnC?

Manga Scans ~~ Scans directly from the AnC manga, only found on this here site.

Anime Images ~~ Anime screencaps of the blond bishie.

Why Alec? ~~ Why do I love him? Warning - fangirlish babble ahead!

Alec Lookalikes ~~ Other characters that look strangely like the genki otaku.

Fanart ~~ Yes, I have Alec fanart! Go worship the wonderful artists that drew Alec-san! ^_^

Okay kids, that's all for now. I hope you've enjoyed your stay, and please come back again! Oh, and if you see Kagami... well... you don't know me. *laughs* Goodbye and thank you very much for stopping by! ^_^

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