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Anime, is there more than just Pokemon?

  • Yes of course there is. But what is Anime?

    Japanimation is this.. .

  • Anime is, in short animation. There are three different types of Anime, as well as, three different styles of Anime.

    First we have TV Series

  • TV Series= (A no brainer here)A series shown on Television! Primarily story lines from Japanese Comic Books Manga

    Then we have Original Animation Video (OAV)

  • OAV= This type of Anime is released straight to video stores. Very detailed work. Quality is beyond Television, but not quite as good as the theaters.

    Finally we have Movies

  • Movies= Also a no brainer. This is going straight into the theaters. Often times it's Anime that is currently or was playing on television. *Ahem* Pokemon

    I decided to add some links in here for you fans! I'm not a huge fan, but I will be soon. These are a couple of Anime sites I've stumbled across.


    Cartoon Network's Toonami



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