Yuri, The sage of Spirit

NAME: Yuri

ALIAS: Sage of Spirit

AGE: 19

PERONALITY: Yuri is quite nice. He is smart but does not show it. He is a big klutz.

APPEARANCE: Yuri has short raven black hair (a little below his eyes), blue-green eyes, he has some muscles but not to many, his height is about 6 feet 3 inches.

TRANSFORMATION: (his awakening) He feels a great deal of pain and then when it is at its peak, a bright white light flashes. When the light fades away he is in his sage outfit.

POWERS: He helps people feel better about them. He can make a shield. Also, fights hand to hand combat. He has a sword his father gave him when he was young. Other then that he does not know.

STRENGTHS: Being quiet and not likeing many people. Singing and playing guitar. Marshall arts. Sleeping and eating.(hey he is a guy.)

WEAKNESS: Talking to or trying to ask a girl out, homework and taking tests. Being close with anyone.

HISTORY: Yuri's mother was from America, his father from Japan. His dad taught him how to fight. His sister, Aya, was born in Japan and Yuri was born in America. So he moved to Japan. Yuri was really out going when younger, but when his family was killed in a train accident. He felt it was his fault they died. To cope with the tragic lose he became quiet so he would not get close to anybody. He went through foster care but when he turned 18 he was able to live alone. He is taking time off from school and will start later in the year. He lives near the Cherry Hill Temple. (He just moved there)

DREAMS: Yuri dreams to start a family to make up for his lose of one. He just wants to find the right girl, But being quiet does not help.

OUTFIT: A white baggy shirt with long sleeves and a pair of black leather pants. He has on a pair of combat boats coming to his knee and a red, purple sash coming across his chest.

OTHER: Right now Yuri is working on finding a job to pay the bills. He starts school in two or three weeks.

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