Veronika, Sage Of Love

Sage of Love

Name: Veronika Jones

Age: 18

Alias: Sage of love

Personality: Kind person somewhat conceded, A little shy when she is sad or down but mostly cheerful.

Appearence: She has the long blonde hair (much like venus's hair) Light blue eyes. She has always been the tallest girl in her class. A very light complextion. She has the over all perfect Super model body, but she still think she has flaws.

Transformation Phrase: doesn't have one.

Powers: Illusions of people falling in love. Not much else other then flirting with them.

Outfit: Her outfit is red with dark red. It is tighter on her chest then flows down into a skirt, When she is a sage she normally holds a deep red rose. It symbolizes her beauty it does nothing she just holds it. She has a red scarf over her gown. Her gloves are white with a red gem on the tops of her hands.

Strengths:Manipulating men. And manly talking to people. Her artwork is something that she is good at, painting and drawing of any sort.

Weaknesses:Making Commitments to things relationships, school work. Most schoolwork gives her a hard time

History:Her parents died when she was young four to be exact. So she was sent to live with her aunt whom she despised ever so much. Her aunts theory to Veronikas favorite holiday was: I HATE Valentine's day who invented this crappy holiday anyhow? Probably some love-crazed loser with nothin' better to do.... It's like a pink and red nightmare man I'm telling ya this holiday sucks! It's just a time for all those love-stricken wimps to make the rest of us, who aren't with anyone want to retch! I wanna beat the crap outta that little cupid jerk, too..... flyin' around like some damn giant gnat makin' people fall in love with eachother! That little diapered creep ruins it for everyone! So as you see she hated her aunt for how her aunt disliked her favorite holiday. Also her aunt made fun of her and taunted her. And tried to turn her into what she failed to be, a showgirl. Meaning she taught her to be A slutty ditzy girl. Also that you could get whatever you wanted by using your body for it. But at this time she dosen't live like that, She is now 18 and has moved away from her aunt. Also At the age Sixteen she started her own manga series which is how she moved away from her aunt.

Dreams: That she will be like her mother and find a man that likes her for her not for her looks

Other: She has inherited the fortune that her parents left to her, along with their house which she thought was to big for just her so sold it and has decided to get an apartment, which coincedentally is right across from Xaviers. She is in her senior year of High school. And she hopes to continue at Maguen(sp?) To college.

Any questions? Just ask me, I try to be kind, I don't bite. Jackie, the purple haired child...

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