Wind and Sea

I cannot let you see me cry
but I will not stand to see you die
I'm sorry I'm not strong enough
but without the wind the sea's not rough
To my destiny I will always be true
but I can't fulfill it without you
because the wind is what moves the sea
you will always be a part of me
I swore I would abandon you,
but if only we both knew
that if you die my heart will too
I'd take my life
I'd give you my soul
becuase without the wind the sea is not whole.
Uranus for Neptune

please forgive these disgraceful tears
but I've learned to love you over the years
the chaos you brought overflowed my life
and though you filled it with hardships and strife
now when i see you lying on the ground
i think my heart might dround
your aqua hair falls limply round your face
your eyes were bright but now blankness takes thier place
why did you loose you life for me?
maybe you knew
i'd do the same for you