Recipes tell you how to cook
And they never lie
They tell you what to put in every dish
and how to fry

Life isn't so scripted
it comes with many curves
and when you fall down one
your destiny just as soon turns

and you cannot take a sample taste
to deciede if the dish is something you want to serve
for in life has no samples
you have to follow as you learn

You cannot smell your masterpiece
but in life you can taste your desserts
and many times they are very sweet
but sometimes they taste like dirt

maybe my turn will meet
with a destiny with my friends
a shop with my love
and happiness till the very end

but for this to happen
I must make sure I make right
both the desicions I make in life
and the ingredients i put inside

Even though you may work tricks
, on babies, children, and on chicks.
Your true kindness grew and grew,

thy evil seemed to disappear too.
But when thy evil shone it's face,
your kindness and goodness became a disgrace.

Thy evil tor and tro at you,
until your evil wish came true.
You worked your powers on my soul,
Until I had almost plaid the eternal toll.
You tried to take me from my loves,

but we were like two loving doves.

The score was one to three,
And I was down on my last knee.
The tears of pain streamed down me face,
When I was injured in just about every place.
But then to my devilish surprize,
My one and only furture daughter began to arise.

At that we gained two extra points,
And with our gental joints.
We came in first and won the race,
Then the Doom Phantom was banished, off the Earth's face.
We Won the Race,
to save the Earth's face.

It's a time for Joy,
But I don't deploy,
My beautiful smile
Because a vile,
Whom turned good but lost his life,
trying to save me.
I pray that he,
Has a peaceful after life.