My Theory of Alicia's sickness

Queen of the earth then, and hey it's Amanda, ya damn technical crack whore fairy, refering to ryan.

Indeed she is. Modern medicine would help you alot more then what your mother is doing to you. Stay home and get yelled at. Fun fun. Or just stay home and do nothing and let the little germs accumulate til then they find a nice comfy warm spot on you, which I would say would be your stomach from laying under those covers, and then all explode and take over the world. Or they taken out your immun system and have found the perfect host to assinate the president with. Or they have come to get alicia a boyfriend. Or maybe they have come to kill alicia dog through alicia. Causing her dad to go through much trama, and her mom to still his wallet while he is crying over the fat pigs carcus and drive alicia to jackie's house and then giving her the wallet and telling her to go get a guitar. Then guin drives us to the guitar center. And alicia gets a guitar. Or they could just be here to cause hell in your life for a short ammount of time and have decided to stay. I've also thought it might be here to cause you to go into a commatic state then wake up when Amanda is president, and all men are slaves. And I'm vice president, and you wake up to Amanda getting sworn in. I think that's how it works.