Kawaii Terms

Anime: a common abbreviation of the Japanese term for animation.
Arigatou: Thank you
Baka: stupid, fool, idiot
Bishoujo: a beautiful or pretty girl
Chibi: a short person or kid
Demo: but
Doko(ni): where?
Domo: very much
Ecchi: mildly perverted
Eigo: English
Fuku: clothes, uniform EX--> Sailor Fuku
Gomen: sorry
Hai: yes
Henshin: transformation
Hentai: extremely perverted
Hiragana: one of the Japanese phonetic alphabets, used for native words.
Iie: no
Ja ne: bye
Kanji: Chinese characters as used in Japanese, with different meanings/pronunciations
Katakana: one of the Japanese phonetic alphabets, mainly used for borrowed words.
Kawaii: cute
Konnichiwa: good day, hello
Kowai: scared, afraid, scary
Kudasai: Please
Manga: Japanese comics
Minna: everyone
Nani: what?
Nasai: sorry
Ne: added to the end of a sentence to say "isn't it?" or "am I right?"
Ohayo: Good morning (or Ohayo gozaimasu to be polite)
Onegai: Please
Otou-san: father
Yatta: a happy exclaimation like Yay!