Minako's Poem

If you were to look up in the sky
And the tears you must dry
And behind the river you'll see hope die
And you'll see your future lie

You'll see your history shattered
Your heart's content being battered
No more will you be flattered
The taste in your mouth becomes sour

The golden hair swirl in the wind
The pale face avoiding sin
Blue eyes keep search in the sky
And her feelings let out a cry

Unfurling her hand
You'll see love
And she'll let out a sweet whisper
"Love can not be shoved, it must be held"

IF you listen
To the love's goddess advice
Than you know better
Than not to be told twice
Take her wisdom
And soon you'll see
That the future she wants
Is the one you'll recieve

She'll look around from the sky
And help you get by
At least have your heart content
And your problems now came and went

Blue eyes look around
She's searching for her own love's sound
And as she bends down
Reaching her hands into the lake
She knows the future is hers to make
Minako the goddess of love
Is as innocent as a dove

She'll find love...
She'll find it...
She'll find love...
She knows she will...
And then her heart...
Will finally be filled...

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