You think you know me, but do you??? You think I'm dumb. You think i'm a slaker. You think i'm mean, nasty, funny, forgetfull, clumsy, ugly, fat, and much much more.

But do you really know me? My secrets, my dreams, hopes, fears, loves, hates.

I'm really am smart, deep, carring, nice, good friend, creative, busy, stuborn, loving, amazing, funny, and much much more.

Most people think the image i put out out the reall me..... But it's not. I do that because I think that poeple will like me just like that.

You say that you don't undersatnd what i'm about. The truth is i don't either. I hopr i never will. I change like the moon, the sun, the weather, never the same two days in a row. That's what so great about being alive!!!!!!!!

Every person has a mask they wear to protect them from what others think. They think poeple won't like them for who they are. I know this because I'm one of those people.

I took off my mask once, but i ened up in heart ache. So i never took it off agian.

Everyone talks about growin up with a best friend. Try doing it all over agian without that person,just you a bunch of people that think you'r a meatball head. Would it be the same? Would it be harder? Easier?

So if you want to be my friend just come out and say it, or show me byrr taking off you mask..............

And maybe i'll take mine off for you.

Go on home my friend...