Living Sorrows...

Whatever happend to
The life we once knew
And the happiness
That we had shared?

Now it seems to be
That it was all just a dream
And my hopes seemed to be clean
Away from my mind and soul

You stood on the beach
Looking to the east
For I was the sun
Rising in that spot
Over the water
And into your heart
Forever yours
Into your heart adore

Yet that dream
Has been taken
and I suppose
I have been mistaken
That a dream could come true
For I could never live
Such a beautiful picture
That my mind drew

As I put my head down
Sitting at the edge of my bed
At this point
I would rather feel dead
than the disappointment in my head
Looking into the mirror
I only see my eyes
And not only am I holding back tears
But it looks like I'm crying inside
Ashame to look any more
I look at the floor
To the ground
To the morgue

Cries of horrow
And pain
Yet I am the one to blame
For my soul
Rest in my fate
I leave on, for my sake

And as the sun
Sets in the west
The promises to myself
That I would "try my best"
But that seems to fail me
And I fall shirt
It leaves me standing
In the dirt

But I promise
To wipe the dirt off
And yet again
Try to set off
See the sun
At high noon
Meet it's glance
And not leave
Before it's too soon
To watch it
Settle again
To see the moon
And yet again
Stand strong
And defend my name
For I fought
Past the blame
And maybe to you
It seems all the same

But my dreams are my life
A life that isn't much
Because my dreams
Brings out secrets
I can touch
And they wrap me up
In warmth that I will never feel
For my life will never seem real
For I will never find someone to bring me such warmth
But in my dreams
Life seems to be more what people say it's worth

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