A Miracle Romance

Led by the Moonlight
We met by chance many times before.

Our hearts like a rainbow kaleidoscope
changes our future.
Searching for a sign
Lost in the darkness of nights and the forests of dismay,
I know I must find my way.
The constellations in the sky,
tells our love’s whereabouts.

I will be the one who hears your prayers because
there is a light that flows from our hearts.
Like the sun shining in the sky
It creates a burning emotion
and I know that I have to do what I must.

Awaken precious heart.

We love and are apart.
Until we are together again, I won’t give up.
I still dream the sweet dream of you and I.
I won’t allow this distance to end our love.
I will dissolve it with a strike from my hand.
Believe what you see…

But, when you have nothing
You still have nothing to worry about because
I will be there.
I will fly to your side.
I will hold your hand.
And love will live on.

Love is not necessarily only energy
but it is the power of love that keeps you in my heart.
It gives meaning to each moment its an emotion
it is what our hearts were made for
all you have to do is look inside.

We have to do what we must
Whatever it is, we won’t give up
I promise you this,
Deep in my soul,
love will stay in our hear.
It will stay that way in our dreams and fairy tales
In a world that is uncertain
That is what I believe in

Go on home my friend...