Three Sailors

Sailor Moon you are a joy
you even are a barbie toy
the way I look at you...
sitting peacefully on my dresser
you must be an easy guesser
Darien, who is your hun,
Tell me, does he have a warm bun?
I betcha know cuz we see you
Always gushy coochie coo!!

Sailor Mars you are so mean
To Serena, whos not so keen
Why do you act this way I ask?
I think she is quite a gas
The way she talks...
Just tickles my tum
Even though I am some what dumb
But so is she...
So that is so good
But thats how we homies
Do it in the hood.

Sailor Venus I love your hair
I always look at it with glare
The way you step into the mud
You really need a large soap sud
Cause see that stain is very large
You should ask your great Aunt Marge
Aunt Marge, she is so nice,
Even last year she slipped on ice
That ends my poem you see
Now I hope you email me!!

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