Amber, Ninja of flames.

History: The woman you see is sarah's mother, she had sarah's brother when she was 16, she is now 37, and after many years of searching for her lost children, and her husband has given up. She knew that one day after giving birth to sarah, she would have to go back to the temple to live, her magic was passed down to her two children, giving them certain abilities, which was a combination from her and their father, their father was once a dark ninja, and she was one an Envoker, mainly tuned in with wind attacks. But upon meeting their father at the age of 13 started to train as a ninja. Knowing him for 3 years, but he had to go home, she always thought of him as a strong man, but if it wasn't for him, she never would have became the ninja of

Real Name: (Druid Name) Imoen Brea

Ninja Alias: Fire Spirit Ninja, or for short Amber

Appearence: 5'5" , Light brown hair, with fading pale brown eyes. Her skin is pale, she believe's because of grief.

Strengths: She has something that most ninja's don't a mothers love, which truly can hurt if someone insults her age.

Weakness: Being 37 almost 38 she isn't the youngest of all ninjas, and is probably the oldest.

Favorite weapon: Chacaram, small disk that slices enemies from afar. She also uses a traditional masumi curved blade, which she carries over her shoulders.

Birthplace: She in a remote Druid village, which the marks on her cheeks are from.

Marriage: She was onced married to Kino Brea. Her son called him Kan.

Fighting abilities: She was trained to fight as a druid, but was taught the ways of a ninja from her husband. She mainly practices Tae shan, which is a mainly about giving a quick death blow. She also does basic forms of Karate.

Spells: Of one of the things she can do cast small healing spells, that can only heal a minor flesh wound.

Connection with others: She is the mother of Sarah, and Donovan.

Other: Commonly calls her oppenent 'Young buck' usaully because they are younger.