The Morning.

Part I

Yona finished cleaning the slime off the boy, as the sun created a rainbow in the sky. "Oh great.. I don't know where I am, and people are about ot hit the streets.."

The body fell to the ground with a thump. "Ugh.."

"Uh oh.." She then mustered her strength to pick him up, "Where can I take him.." She looked around nervously, she then saw a women at a well, "I'll ask her!" She walked over, "Excuse me, could you tell me where the nearest hospital is?"

The woman turned around, seeing a girl in a bloody costume, "You know, most people would be frightened by that sight in this town.." She then looked at the boy, "Is that Jona Gainis? What the hell happened?"

Yona frowned, "It's a long story, I just want to help him.."

"Well come on, standing out here ain't gonna help, me youngin's can show of some assistance, let's go to my house, what's your name?"

"My name is Yona.."

"Huh, that seems like a normal name.. Your attire seems odd.."

The two women walked down the street Yona occasionally making a grunting noise, probably from Jona's weight. People cam out of their homes, giving Yona some dirty looks, some girls sneered at her.

What did I do now she wondered..

They continued down the street, till they came upon a house at the end, tall in height, with small bricks, not the fanciest thing, but better then most Yona had seen on the street.

The woman smiled as she opened the door.

Yona dropped her sword, she then placed Jona's body on the couch, which didn't look like any she had seen. "What do yoiu think will help him?"

The woman raised the bucket of water to Jona's head. Dumping the cold H2O on the boy. Jona sprung up.

"What in the seven hells is going on?!"

"Jona. this young women saved your arse from god knows what, no I suggest you be a little nice to her," The woman leaned in closer, whispering in Jona's ear, "A girl with that strength deserves it.."

That Other boy.

Part II

A boy came running down the steps, "Mom, what's going on?"

From Yona's perspective, he looked to be her age. But she could be wrong, he had some type of armor on. Yona thought, where am I that people where armor, get smacked on walls with slime, and have swords at their sides, cripes I wonder what happened last night.

The boy looked at this girl,"Eurlic, Josa stay upstairs." The boy said and walked down the steps. "So you're what the cat drug in.." The boy stepped back looking at Jona, "Cripes Jona, you're always getting in troulbe aren't you?" Jona sneered, "Shut up Xzar!" He turned towards Yona, trying to loosen the water from his locks, "I thank you for saving me, but is there any way I could repay you? I mean most people now a days would have took my money, weapons and armor, and just ran. You seem to kinds for these years.."

"Well, that's the thing, I don't know what year it is.. I know yesterday was June 31 2001, and today, I have no clue.." Yona said looking somewhat confused herself.

Xzar whispered to his mother to take leave, she did, quite quickly, "So you're telling me you have no clue what date year or month it is?"

The Truth
Part III

The girl turned toward Xzar, "well you see, I, was just walking along to school, when this woman appeared infront of me, she had long purple hair and some type of funky armor on.. She told me to seek out one who looked like me, but instead I didn't need to seek, I just sorta came acrossed him.."

Xzar chuckled, "So.. tee hee hee.. you're telling me, you just came here out of nothing?" He laughed quite loudly and obnoxiously at the thought.

Jona smiled.. "Why would a girl want to come here? I mean in times of war, well since you came here I guess it is best to get you suitted up and ready to battle!" He smirked.

"Battle?" Her face went pale, I hope he doesn't mean like that girl from last night, that was horrible... Just plain sickening..

Jona smiled yet again, "Come on, let's go before the Smitty get's his knickers in a bunch!" The boy stood up now appearing to be a alittle taller then Yona.

The End... For now.