Dreams of destruction..
Part I

"Times were harsh in your past life child", the figure said in an off tone voice, "chances are you will die before you reach the age of twenty.. Don't expect to find love anytime soon, either. You will soon find your death..." The boy stepped back "You're mad beggar, I'll be a great warrior, along with Cryus, and lady Tymera!" His armor clanked as he stepped back, "I wont fall into your illusions!" The boy then turned and walked away. "Stupid old woman.." He continued walking, why he didn't know, his sword hitting his bracers, a warrior, or just a normal stupid boy, who is to be pompous and arrogant to old women.


Part II

He continued walking towards a small house, what looked to be home, when out of nowhere a beast came upon him. Could he defeat it? "It? What are you talking about ya damn narrator! I'm Shena Warland! Not it! After him you're next!"

Anyway, he raised his sword slime felt upon the already deterating iron, "Who are you, er, what are you?"

"I was sent from the 1st hell to kill you, that is all you will ever know or find out from me!" Slime then came from many oraphi of the beast. "I'm Shena Warland! Your slayer!"

"Oh great, some idiot in a suit!" The boy then got crushed with slime, knocked into a wall, now unconcious, he was helpless to the beast's attacks.

The beast then settled in the street. "What a fool, I wish these goodies would get smarter.. this is getting to easy.." She then transformed, a small five year old stoood in her place, little bows of satin lay on her ebony pony tails. "I wonder what shade his blood is.."

Part III

A young lady walked along the streets of modern day Mahian. "Hmmm what a great day to go to school.. She was off to college, jsut as every other day of the week." Walking along the terraced roads, ahole appeared infront of her. She fell in seeing circles of many colors surround her, "What's happening!?" She screamed.

A deep woman's voice came from the shadows, "You must stop the past to save your future.." A figure came into veiw, tall slender and perfect in every way. "I can't let you die.."

The girl was now upside down, "What??!"

The woman simply faded into nothing. "Protect him with your heart..."

The red head had a puzzled look on her face as she fell to the cobble stone streets, "Where in the hell am I??!?"

The little priestist turned around, "He's mine get away from me!" She hissed.

"I don't know what you're.." She trailed off as she saw the boy, who had been slammed into the wall, "He's perfect.. How could you do this to such a gentle creature?!" She held her right hand into a fist, "You can't really want to kill him.. I wont let you!"

"My name is Shena, you've gotten in my way your fate will be DEATH!" The Prietist lunged at the girl, her nails extented to long pointed daggers, poison dripped to the ground. She missed the girl, getting her hand stuck in the puddy of the wall.

"Hey! I'm Yona! And you're mean!" Her fist then started to glow, "What's happening.." A sword appeared before her.

"Yona, please take this, it is your by inheritance."

"Hey wait you're the voice from the circle place, please why am I here?"

"To save him.."

Yona took the sword, thinking, I guess she means slime boy.. "Well here goes.." She ran towards the priestist, "DIE!" Slicing her spleen down the center, blood splattered every where.

A blood curdling scream came from the Priestist's mouth, "I'm shena, I can't die... not now.." Her nails crumbled to dust. Letting her fall to the ground. "I'm shenaaa.. I can't die.. now, Uracules, I failed you, love, I'm sorryy....." Her eyes the filled with blood and tears.

"Sorry, just doing what I was told..." blood covered Yona's uniform. "I guess I'll get you down.." She then started to slice away at the layers of slime.

The End... For now.