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Day one
Day two
Day three
Day four
Day five

Day 1:

Well, we left the house at about 8 am and went to the airport. Our rabbit went to our uncle's house, while our fish stayed at home in a tank with a time-released feeder.

Our flight took off at about 10:30 am from Gate 24. Our flight number was 75 I think. I had a little motion sickness after take off, but that's probably because of turbulence. I was fine after that.

What was really cool about the flight was that the projector was showing our takeoff from the frontal view! There was a camera attached to the front of the plane I guess. The projection stayed on until we were over the ocean for awhile.

I ate Chicken curry for lunch on the plane. It was rather spicy, but then again, I don't eat curry all that much. The had some side dishes too. I kinda liked the Halo Mousse thing that came with it. Maybe I'll scan the menu later (I stole it from the seat pocket).


After lunch, I fell asleep on the plane. I woke sometime near the start of Shrek 2, and then I fell asleep again. When I woke up, Shrek 2 was finished and they were already starting the second movie! The movie was Laws of Attraction, with Pierce Brosnan (the James Bond guy) and some other lady. It was one of those chick flicks, but I rather enjoyed it.

After the movies, we had zaru udon as a snack. It came with mango jelly, but I don't think I ate that. When we landed, there was a little turbulence, but it was fine otherwise. After all the baggage claim and customs stuff, we took a bus ride to our hotel. It was a looooong bus ride. I was surprised at how cool it was when we got there! The plane said 66 degrees farenheit! I knew it wouldn't last though...what a bummer.

We finally got to our hotel! It was the Dai-ichi Hotel Annex, which appears to have been part hotel and part office building. My sister and I stayed in room 8713 I believe, and our parents were a few doors down. It was pretty nice, but our view was junk. It was full of billboards and buildings. Last year was the same, but Osaka had a nice movie poster for The Matrix outside. =)

For dinner, we wandered around for awhile (thanks to Mom. I swear, she's too picky XP). Finally we stopped at Sushizanmai. The ordering system was strange because we had to write it down ourselves then they would pick it up. That was really good sushi though. I ate some salmon and a tuna roll.

My plate shared with my sister.

Dad's lightning fast hands for food!

After that, we went to a nearby convenience store named Lawsons and bought some apple juice and three boxes of Pocky before heading back to the hotel. Japan is crawling with Lawsons, I swear. We saw them on the last trip too!

Well, after that we headed back to the hotel and off to sleep.