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7/31/03 2:34 am (Hawaii time)
Truly I am an insomniac...anyway, more Yu-gi-oh bios!

7/13/03 1:11 am (Hawaii time)
My updates have been withering away! Noooo! Anyway, Yu-gi-oh bios had an update! ^_^

5/30/03 11:35 am (Hawaii time)
I'm not dead! Haha. Well, I'm in school doing this cause I'm bored. Uh oh, bell rang. Japanese section has been updated, and there's a *ahem* interesting interview in the Yu-gi-oh bios...

5/8/03 9:00 pm (Hawaii time)
Now there's the Tenchi Muyo icon! Click it for some bios and some strange interviews with the main cast!

6:43 pm (Hawaii time):
Tenchi Muyo bios had an update! Oh crud...where's the icon! *panics* I gotta go now. Bye
6:04 pm (Hawaii time)
Took down the picture section. This is really supposed to be an info site ^_^' and I may run out of space if I have a lot of pictures. sorry people. I may put it back up...if you ask.

3/9/03 6:18 pm (Hawaii time)
Tenchi Muyo Bios FINALLY had an update. I'm so lazy -_-

3/2/03 2:54 pm (Hawaii time)
I've gotten lazy with this site. Whoops! Anyway, I updated the Yu-gi-oh bios site...I'll try to update more later.

2/4/03 12:19 pm (Hawaii time)
I'm bored and in school right now...anyway, the learn Japanese section has gotten an update!

2/2/03 12:46 am (Hawaii time)
Small updates in the links and learn Japanese sections.

1/5/03 5:21 pm (Hawaii time)
My first update for the new year! I suppose I'll start making a past updates page soon...anyway, Yu-gi-oh bios had a pretty big update.

9:50 pm (Hawaii time):
Yu-gi-oh pictures is online! Check it out!

1:29 am (Hawaii time):
CCS pictures has been updated...but some pictures have been deleted because of cause of angelfire's bandwidth limits.

12/22/02 1:42 am (Hawaii time):
Don't ask why I'm up so late. Okay, CCS pictures had another update! Also, one link has been added to the Links section. Oh yeah, Merry Christmas!


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