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Yu-gi-oh Bios

Japanese spelling=VY (Yuugiou)

Please ignore my bias. I tried to make the bios unbiased. However, interviews show different...also, if you cannot see the Japanese Kanji above, you may need Japanese encoding if you want to see it.

Yugi Yami Seto Anzu Honda Jounouchi

Name: Yuugi Mutou
English Name: Yugi Moto
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Red, Black, and Yellow O_o
Age: 16
Height: 153 cm (around 5 foot one)
Weight: 42 kg
Birthdate: June 4
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food: Hamburgers
Least Favorite Food: Rakkyou (It appears to be some kind of nut...)
Favorite DM: Black Magician
Strongest DM: Exodia (but it got lost...), Saint Dragon-God of Osiris, Black Paladin

Okay, this kid is really sweet, nice, and courageous. Not to mention the protagonist of Yu-gi-oh. Unfortunately, he's pretty short compared to his friends. His grandfather is Sugoroku Mutou, and he likes Anzu Masaki. He lives with Sugoroku and his mother. I'm not sure where his father is. He has the millenium puzzle, which transforms him into Yami Yugi. He usually wears his school uniform shirt with a white collared shirt underneath. His style eventually changes in Battle City. (I think it's because of Yami Yugi)

Name: Unknown (but the fans call him Yami Yuugi, which means Dark Yuugi)
English Name: Unknown
Eyes: Crimson-purple
Age: 3015 or older! ^_^'''
Height, weight, food, birth, yada, yada, yada: unknown
Favorite DM: Black Magician
Strongest DM: Saint Dragon of Osiris, Black Paladin, Exodia (has it no more)

The other protagonist of the series. He has no memories of the past, but is currently living in his unlocked memory world to recover them. He was an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, but his soul was sealed away inside the Sennen Puzzle. Yami has a very confident and arrogant nature, but he has a good heart.

Pikazoom: YAMI!!! *glomp* You're my (#2) bishie!!!!
Yami: @_@ Huh?! Can you get off please?
Pikazoom: Aww...fine. So, how does it feel to have no memories?
Yami: I feel...lost sometimes.
Pikazoom: I see...I'm sorry. =(
Yami: It's fine. One can't live in the past I guess
Pikazoom: I suppose so. Anyway, what do you think will happen when all your memories return?
Yami: I don't know...
Pikazoom: Oh. Btw, how's it feel to know that Seto was your cousin in Ancient Egypt?
Yami: WHAT?!?! @_@ *falls over*
Seto: *pops up* WHAT?!?! XO *vanishes with a poof*
Pikazoom: *read through manga* uh oh. You don't know that yet...WELLLLLLL, we're out of time folks! See ya!
Yami: @_@

Name: Seto Kaiba
English Name: Seto Kaiba
Eyes: Series 1: Brown, Series 2: Blue
Hair: Series 1: Green O_o, Series 2: Brown
Age: 16 Height: 186 cm (around 6 foot 3)
Weight: 65 kg (no ways he's 143 lbs...he's so skinny)
Birthdate: Oct. 25
Blood Type: A
Favortie Food: Beef foie gras (Beef liver fat I think)
Least Favorite Food: Oden (Some kinda stew) Favorite DM: Blue Eyes White Dragon
Strongest DM: Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, God of Obelisk

Seto Kaiba is a very harsh person. Uhh...he's mean and ruthless. He's freakishly tall for a 16 year old (in my opinion), and he's very rich (the guy owns a mansion!). He's obsessed with beating Yugi Mutou at Duel Monsters. He has a little brother Mokuba, whom he swore he'd always protect. When he and his brother were adopted by a man named Gozaburo Kaiba, he was treated cruelly so that he could run Kaiba Corporation. He was forced to study a lot, and he might've been beaten. In the manga, Gozaburo commited suicide. In the anime, Gozaburo had a heart attack when Seto threatened to push him out the window. In Series 1, he wore a chinese looking buisness suit. In Series 2, he sometimes wore his school uniform. Other than that, he was usually seen wearing a dark green collared shirt and pants with a blue long sleeved coat over it. Later, he starts wearing black shirt and pants with a white sleeveless trenchcoat over it and a lot of buckles. He is the reincarnation of an Egyptian priest who used to own the Sennen Rod, which can control a person's mind.

Pikazoom: SETO!!!!!!! *glomps him* ^____^ I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Seto: O_o Get off me! X(
Pikazoom: But you're my bishie!!!
Seto: What the?! Just get off!!
Pikazoom: Aw. Fine. I'll act professional. So, what's your schedule like?
Seto: Busy. I have work, school, and dueling.
Pikazoom: #_o Ouch. I could never handle that. Do you ever get lonely in that large mansion of yours?
Seto: ...I've gotten lost...once...
Pikazoom: I, when do you think you'll beat Yami in Duel Monsters?
Seto: *says mysteriously* Soon. Very soon.
Yami: *pops in* You're on, Kaiba! *vanishes with a poof*
Pikazoom: What is he doing here? O_o
Seto: -_- No idea.
Pikazoom: We're out of time?! NOOOOO!!! My bishie ; . ; Goodbye everyone *sniffle*

Name: Anzu Masaki
English Name: Tea Gardner
Eyes: Series 1: Brown, Series 2:Blue
Hair: Brown
Age: 16
Height: 165 cm (around 5 foot 5)
Weight: 47 kg
Birthdate: Aug. 18
Blood Type: O
Favorite Food: Ramen
Least Favorite Food: Tororo (grated...yam... O_o'')
Favorite DM: Saint Magician
Strongest DM: possibly Black Magician Girl (Noa ark) Anzu is one of Yugi's friends. Err...what can I say about her? She kind of annoys me...oh yes, she has a crush on Yami (and perhaps Yugi). She tends to constantly defend her friends. I suppose a good quality about her is that she's very loyal. She doesn't duel in tournaments, but I suppose she must be decent. Anzu is more of a cheerleader for her friends. Her dream is to dance in New York, but she has to work at a place called Burger World without the consent of school (in Japan, some schools don't allow jobs) in order to pay for dance lessons. In season 1, she wears her school uniform. In series 2, Anzu wears a yellow sleeveless shirt with a short red skirt.

Pikazoom: I have to interview HER?! NOOOO!!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!
Anzu: You're so mean! If my friends were here, they'd make sure you were nice to me!
Pikazoom: *falls over completely paralyzed* Not the...friendship rant. Anyway, I must start the, you're really going to NY to study dance?
Anzu: ^_^ Of course! It's my dream, and my friends back me up 100%
Pikazoom: *twitch* Well, good luck. But you do know you'll have to leave Yugi behind, huh?
Anzu: I hadn't really thought of that...but I'm sure we'll still be friends when I come back!
Pikazoom: *twitch*, do you feel guilty working at that burger joint?
Anzu: Well, yes, but I need the money to get dance lessons!
Pikazoom: ...I see...but we're out of time! See ya folks!

Name: Hiroto Honda
English Name: Tristan Taylor
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Age: 16
Height: 180 cm (around 6 feet)
Weight: 65 kg
Birthdate: April 19
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki (It's some kinda fried thing)
Least Favorite Food: Nattou (fermented beans...smelly)
Favorite DM: Commander
Strongest DM: Who knows?

Honda is sometimes known as the dead weight -_-. His best friend is Jounouchi. Honda hangs around with Yugi and seems to have a crush on Shizuka, Jounouchi's sister, which starts a small rivalry with Otogi Ryuji. At the beginning of the Yu-gi-oh manga, he likes a girl named Miho Nozaka. In season 1, Honda wears a white shirt with brown pants and trenchcoat. In season two, he wears a black jacket with black pants and a white shirt...or whatever he's wearing in the picture up there.

Name: Jounouchi Katsuya
English Name: Joey Wheeler
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Age: 16
Blood Type: A
Favorite Food: Curry rice
Least Favorite Food: None (O_O that's really what the guidebook says!) Favorite DM: Honou no kenshi (Flame Swordsman)
Strongest DM: Red Eyes Black Dragon, Android Psycho Shocker (Jinzo)

Pretty much Yugi's right hand man. He's developing as a good duelist. However, luck is part of his strategy, which is a little risky. He has a little sister, Shizuka, who he loves very much. Jounouchi's parents are divorced, so he was split from her. Known as friend to some, duelist to others, and make inu to Seto Kaiba(hehe). In Season 1, he wears jeans, a green jacket, and a white shirt.

Pikazoom: *glares* hi
Jounouchi: *gulp* Why are you glaring at me like that?
Pikazoom: You insult my Seto (my bishie ^_^) wayyyyy too much. But enough about that. *glare* Where do you place yourself on the list of duelists?
Jounouchi: #2! Right under my buddy Yugi.
Pikazoom: Really? I think you're more like 5 or 6. Somewhere under Seto.*glare*
Jounouchi: *gulp* Should I be offended?
Pikazoom: Maybe. *glare* So, what kind of grades do you get in school?
Jounouchi: Average...but I get penalized for talking too much. -_-
Pikazoom: Well, that's all the time we have today. I get to torture Jounouchi for insulting Seto right after you finish reading. *glare*
Jounouchi: *GULP*