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Tenchi Muyo Bios

Ayeka Ryoko Kiyone Sasami Mihoshi

Name:Ayeka Jurai Masaki
Japanese spelling:Aeka
Birthday:September 21
Height:5' 6"
Blood Type:A
Japan Voice:Yumi Tadaka
English Voice:Jennifer Darling
Occupation:Jurai Princess

Ayeka is the first crown princess of Jurai. She chose to stay on Earth because her ship crashed, and then she fell in love with Tenchi. She originally came to Earth because she was trying to find her fiance/half-brother Yosho (also known as Katsuhito).

Me: Welcome Ayeka.
Ayeka: Hello. I'm glad to be here.
Me: Let's get to the questions, shall we?
Ayeka: Alright
Me: Is your love for Tenchi partially because of your engagement to Yosho?
Ayeka: Of course not!
Me:Do you consider Ryouko your friend?
Ayeka: No I don't!!
Me: What would you do if Tenchi loved Ryouko?
Ayeka: I don't need to answer that.
Me: Why not?
Ayeka: Because Tenchi loves me!(laughs histerically)
Me: O...kay. Well gotta go. Bye!

Name:Ryoko Hakubi
Japanese spelling:Ryouko
Meaning:Demon Summoner
Birthday:August 8 (not sure) Age:5040 years
Blood Type:AB
Japan Voice:Ai Orikasa
English Voice:Petrea Burchard
Occupation:Space Pirate

Ryouko is a former space pirate. After attacking Jurai, Yosho (Katsuhito) went after her and locked her up in a shrine. Centuries later, Tenchi accidentally released her.

Me: Lets start the interview
Ryoko: Sure. Whatever.
Me: Do you remember Washu creating you?
Ryoko: No
Me: How many times have you stolen items?
Ryoko: How should I know? I'm not a famous space pirate by stealing five pieces of junk.
Me: Good point. So, what would you do if Tenchi loved any of the other girls?
Ryoko: No way! Tenchi loves ME, you hear that?!
Me: *hides* Y-you're scaring me...but...we're out of time fans! See ya!

Name:Kiyone Makibi
Japanese spelling:Kiyone
Meaning:Clear voice (I have also heard conscience)
Blood Type:A
Japan Voice:Yuri Amano
English Voice:Sherry Lynn
Occupation:Galaxy Police Detective

Kiyone's Galaxy Police partner is First Class detective Mihoshi. Her dream is to be promoted back to Galaxy Police Headquarters.

Me:Let's get started.
Me:How badly do you hate Mihoshi?
Kiyone:I want to haul her out of a window.
Me:*sweatdrop*, in the time and space special, how did you like working at Sasami and Ayeka's noodle place?
Kiyone:It was fun until *shudders* Mihoshi found me...
Me:Oops! We're out of time! See ya!

Name: Sasami Masaki
Japanese spelling:Sasami
Meaning:Sandy Sami Beach
Hair:Light Blue
Blood Type: ???
Japan Voice: ???
English Voice:???

Sasami is a cute little 708 year old girl. She is the head chef at the Masaki house. In the OVA, she's destined to become Tsunami, the first ship of Jurai.

Me: Hello Sasami.
Sasami: Hi! ^_^
Me: So, how does it feel to be part of a goddess/space ship?
Sasami: I feel very honored, but it used to scare me because I thought I wasn't Ayeka's sister.
Me: I see. What do you think of your sister?
Sasami: She's grumpy sometimes, but she's a really nice person! ^_^
Me: By the way, do you love Tenchi?
Sasami: *blushes*
Me: *blinks* Well, we're out of time! See you around!

Name: Mihoshi Kuramitsu
Japanese spelling: Mihoshi
Meaning: Beatiful star
Age: 20
Eyes: Blonde (I think)
Hair: Blonde
Ship: Yukanojo
Blood Type:?
Japan Voice: Yuko Mizutani
English Voice: Ellen Gerstel
Occupation: Galaxy Police Officer

Mihoshi is the granddaughter of the Grand Marshal of GP (Galaxy Police) She's very klutzy, kind of an airhead, but she's a truly sincere person. Mihoshi unintentionally messes up Washu's experiments and sometimes has good luck.