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Turtle Pond- News and Views
6/11/02 UPDATE
Ok, a lot has happend since my last entry: NES roms are up and I've started work on SNES roms, added animated GIFs sections that inclued Fatal Fury and Dragonball Z, and some new links were added. It's summer vacation now, so I should be updating more often. Catch you later and have a great summer!!!

1/17/02 RISE FROM THE ASHES....or something.....
It's been about 3 months since the Turtle Ponds been on hiatus, but it's coming back in a big way. I'm now current upon recieving a PS2 for Christmas, so you can look forward to game reviews and news. Also, for you nostalgic gamers, I will be putting up roms and emulators. Just keep it on the hush-hush, ok? ;). Well, here goes a second shot at site building. Catch you later!

10/16/01 Updates
Well, a lot has happened since I last wrote an entry hear and I am pretty sure your in touch with current affairs, so I won't bog you down with them. New Dragonball Z episodes are currently airing and Cartoon Network has started Adult Swim which features the anime Cowboy Bebop. Transformers 2000 has been airing on Fox kids for a month or so now and is a pretty good show. Now for some rather bad news. Due to server "problems" a lot of my pictures had to be removed because of broken links to one of my accounts. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do about it, but it seems like the Turtle Pond will be pushing up daisies for awhile......

8/15/01 Updates
The new season of Dragonball Z will start airing on Cartoon Network Sept. 10 at 5:00 PM Central. Funmation will release two videos a month from now until the end of the Dragonball Z series. A Dragonball Z game is in the works for Gameboy Advance. Transformers are making a comeback! Starting soon, on Fox Kids a new Transformers series will air on Saturday mournings. Hopefully it will be regular cell animation and not computer generated schlock. All for now.

8/03/01 Updates
February? FEBRUARY?!?! That was the last time I made an entry?!?! Sorry about that! Well the better part of the summer is gone and we are nearing our year of exsistence. Here is the line-up for Toonami on Cartoon Network (Central Time):
4:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam
4:30 - Outlaw Star
5:00 & 5:30 - Dragonball Z
Midnight Run
11:00 - MS 08th Team
11:30 - Outlaw Star

2/23/01 Updates
Last weekend I bought the Gundam Wing movie/second miniseries Endless Waltz. As you may recall, it aired last year on Cartoon Network. It is one rockin' tape. I wish I had a DVD player though......On another gundam related note, Cartoon Network will air the Gundam Wing series in the spring again and follow it up with Gundam 0079 and Gundam 08th Team in the summer! WOOOHOOO! Outlaw Star played all the way through and is starting up again on Cartoon Network. The new Dragonball Z tapes are in stores. Digimon the movie has been out on tape for awhile. See you later!

12/18/00 Celebration Time, Part 2
Hello friends! Long time no see! For my first entry in awhile I will treat you to some abstract poetry! Here goes: "I see the chickens run crazily through town, trampling the midnight cheese, Waiting, for hath they not burned thine bridge, the hamburgers would have caught them Time of robot dogs eating pork on the stairs."
Happy Holidays!

11/05/00 Celebration Time
Friday, November 3rd was my brithday! I had a very nice day and got cool gifts. I got Trigun, a very funny western anime, and Resident Evil: Suvivor, a very awesome game. I went out to eat and then I wanted to go see Charlie's Angels, but, it being opening night, all the shows were sold out! ARGG! Yesterday, the Rocky Horror Picture Show was on again and I watched it, again. That is one crazy movie, very interesting, but VERY crazy. I wonder if my school would do it for a spring musical? I highly doubt it. Today, ECW is having a Pay-Per-View and it's going to be good. I think out of the Big Three, ECW is the best for wrestling action. Anyway, hope you had a good weekend and see you next time!

Whoa! Long time no see! I saw the Digimon movie on opening day, and it was very good. The animation wasn't as bad as I first stated. It was very well done. The movie spans three different time periods; each one building on the story of the last. New Digimon were introduced and the characters from the current season of the TV show. I have also updated the site here and there, most noteably some Brittney Spears pics in the Pretty Girls section. I will add more real women due to the complaints of a friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Matt). Sorry I havn't written lately. I bought Pokemon Silver Saturday. It is an awesome game. It is way more complex than the earlier versions. Well, thanks for you ears (or rather eyes, since you are reading this). Until next time, bye!

Hello, all! I rented Princess Mononoke this weekend and it was very, very good. I highly recomend it for anime fans or for any one for matter. This is a little late to tell you, as you probably have already seen the commerical on TV, but Digimon: The Movie is coming to theaters this Friday, October 6. It looks to be an interesting film. It seems that the animation of the movie reflects the new animation of the new season of the TV show. The new animation doesn't seem to due to well when the show and movie are dubbed in English; the mouths move even less in sync with the soundtrack. Oh, well. I'm still seening it. One last thing, Bandai is FINALLY releasing the Gundam Wing actinon figure/model kit toys in America! WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG? The show ended in May and now they release the toys? I think realeasing them to coinside with the premier of the show on Cartoon Network would be a better marketing scheme. A lot of people probably have lost interest in the show by now (I, however, have not). Anyway, be on the look out for them. I'm going to try to get them all. Thanks for your ear and see you next time!!!

09/20/00, Crazy Made Up Quote For the Day
"Sometimes it is better just to keep your monkey in the trunk" -Speed Racer

I am back! I've wised up and actually am going to start to date these little entries. School has started. Homework has started. Argggh..... Well, there have been a few updates since last time and here's a list:

New Gundam Wing Pics
New Sailor Moon Pics
New Links Section
A Whole New Section Called Misc. Pretty Girl Pics (hey, I didn't know what to call it!!!!)

Well, that's all for now. I'd just like to thank all the people who visit this humble site. Thank you for all the support!! Good Bye for now!!!

That Horrible Time of Year
Monday, August 28 2000, I will be going back to school. This means that the site may not be updated as much, if at all. I have to go through a year of crappy, so called education and let my site lay dorment for a while. High school is a marvel of modern science. I don't think anything is more feared than it, well ok maybe nuclear winter and that flesh eating bacteria are worse, but high school ranks up there. So as I bid my fare well, all I have to say is good bye for now and God speed (whatever that means....)!

Godzilla 2000
Godzilla 2000, or Godzilla Millenium as it was called in Japan, will be opening in American theaters August 18. I thought that it continued in the same series that ended with Godzilla vs. Destroyah (1995) and showed the adventures of the late Godzilla's son, but I read at a site that this is a new series, thus starring a new, smaller Godzilla. The big G takes on another monster, reminicent of the earlier movies here our reptilian anti-hero saves Earth from a pure evil monster, but at the same time gives Tokyo one giant repair bill. I think it is good to see the "old-school" Godzilla back. The American version was alright if the Japanese movies hadn't existed. Godzilla looks a little different from when we last saw him 1995, but his form remains the same, unlike the American movie in which Godzilla was modeled upon the marine iguana. It looks to be a treat for Godzilla fans and children who will more than likely become fans. Today, August 18, I saw Godzilla 2000 and it was good. The effects are typical, but there are advancements in them. It does suffer the same syndrom that the other Godzilla films have; NOT ENOUGH OF THE MONSTERS!!! I just want more screen time for the character that the movies were NAMED for! If the title of the film is Godzilla shouldn't HE be the main focus of the movie? The mosters are always portrayed as an act of nauture that the human characters react too, when I think it should be the other way around. Though I do suppose you can't have a movie entirely devoted to a non-speaking character whose only acting skills are stepping on buildings and makeing Japanese people run in terror. The last 30-20 minutes of the movie are the best in which the mean green one and the gentic beast from the ufo duke it out in one of the best monster fights. Only a few things bother me; if this is suppose to be a new begining in a new series of movies then why in the begining are they waiting for Godzilla to show and have a Godzilla Prediction Network if this is the big lug's first appearance? It feels as though there should be a movie before this to explain the new origin. Or perhaps this one does like the second series and uses the first one to start or it could well in fact be..........THE SON OF GODZILLA!!! Yes, it could continue the saga!! Godzilla Jr. could have changed dramtically from absorbing the nuclear energy form his melted down father. Or I could be reaching and putting too much thought into it!! Whatever the case, Godzilla 2000 is a very good movie and a welcome addition to the Godzilla library. In a final note, it blows the American Godzilla film out of the water!!

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