Kouguu! This is the Magical Land of Fluff and Anime! I am your host, Tundra, and--



Izuko chicchai Ryo-oki kyouhon!

Daggonnit, Mara! You didn't hafta yell that in my ear! And stop talkin' in Japanese, baka!

What'cha doin'? *looks at audience* Hi, Audience! *waves enthusiastically*

Shu-up, this is my page!

Excuse me, I don't hardly think--

No, you don't.

So. *glares at Tundra*

Hentai Yasha!

*unsheaths her dagger and grins mischeiviously* Haven't I warned you about calling me that.

*Anime sweatdrop* Uh.... Toodleloo. *turns and runs from Mara*

It's no use, I'll get you my pretty... and your little spaceship too. *Runs after Tundra*

They run in and out of rooms, and up and down the hallway.

*Runs in into Heero Yuy's room, tripping over his sleeping form*

*Runs in after her and also trips over him ,nearly stabbing him with her dagger*

What the hell is going on here? *he looks at the dagger only inches from his face*

Uh... I'm sorry, Heero, I didn't mean to trip over you. *stands up*

*eyebrow tick* I'm trying to get some sleep.

*Stands up and puts her dagger away*

*stands and cocks his gun* Allow Tundra to finish her intro for this site and get out.

*Anime sweatdrop* Yes, Heero. Sorry, Heero. *Runs out of the room*

*Stays in Heero's room, looking rather pissed*

As I was saying, I will be your host, and that was your co-host, Mara. *hears a gunshot and turns to see a rather smug Mara walking out of Heero's room, carrying his gun*

Don't worry, I didn't shoot him. I just took his gun away when he tried to shoot me with it.

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