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Who can say no to those eyes?

Kaworu synchronizating

Gainax's official pic-Kaworu red

In Central Dogma

Kaworu leaning on Shinji

Kaworu and Shinji in the shower

Back to back with Shinji

The Fifth Child

A thin body shot of Kaworu

Kaworu and Rei after...well, you decide

A freaky pic of Kaworu and Lilith

Kaworu in Unit 01's hand (It's enough to make you cry)

Kaworu after his shower

Kaworu looking up

Kaworu and Shinji again

Kaworu's profile of him looking up, annoyed

Cool fan art of Kaworu towering over a bandaged Asuka

Kaworu and Eva 02

Close-up of Kaworu talking

A really creepy picture of Kaworu hovering in front of Lilith

Kaworu with Eva 02 behind

There seems to be a fireworks show going on behind him

Kaworu's eye

Kaworu's face on a card

Kaworu on a holographic card

Kaworu with his hands in his pockets, smiling

Kaworu looking over his shoulder

Kaworu's first appearance smile

Another beautiful sunset

I love Kaworu's smile

Kaworu's perfect syncronization

Kaworu talking to Rei, smiling again

One of my favorite pictures of Kaworu laying in bed smiling

All of the children syncro testing

Kaworu and Shinji with Eva 01 in the background

Kaworu surrounded by a pink light

Fanart of Kaworu holding his heart

Kaworu's face with a cloudy background

Kaworu smiling again

Another one of Kaworu's first appearances

Another fanart, this one with a sunset in the background

Pic of Kaworu wearing a tux and laying down

Kaworu's art page

Kaworu wearing his pilot suit with the 7 eyes of Lilith behind him

Naked Kaworu and Rei, surrounded by Evil Evas 4 -13
(Those things are really evil looking)

Kaworu advertising UCC Original Coffee

Kind of like the Gainax pic, but cooler looking

Picture of Rei and Kaworu, with clouds seperating them

Kaworu and Shinji with their arms linked

Pic of Kaworu from the 1998 calendar

Kaworu in Eva 01's hand, right before getting squished

Closeup of Kaworu's profile, in Eva 01's hand

A silouette with Kaworu's angel mask showing on his chest

Kaworu and Shinji in their plugsuits from off a card

Looking up with red lines in the background

Looking to the side with red lines in the background

Rei and Kaworu splitting at the waist, with Kaworu reaching for a cross

Kaworu smiling with the evil SEELE behind him

Kaworu and Shinji with writing in the background

Kaworu and Shinji in bed, with Shinji blushing

Shinji looking over at Kaworu as he hears music

Rei and Kaworu, seperated by clouds

Kaworu's profile with a black background

Doujinshi Pics
*May contain Yaoi*
(or at least some shonen ai)

Chibi Kaworu looking very confused at a note

Aww! Chibi Kiss!

Different DJ, Eva 01's bloody hand and Kaworu

Cool pic of Kaworu smiling

Kaworu with an apologetic smile

Kaworu surprised, then smiling sweetly

Kaworu smiling again

Thanks again to
Anime Theme

for some of these great shots!

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