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Basic pics of the Evas

Eva 01

Eva 01 fighting an angel (well,duh!)

Pic of Eva 01 from a book

Eva 01 surrounded by fire

Eva 01 surrounded by fire...again

Holy Bloody Berserker Batman!

I can't describe the freakyness of a berserk Eva 01

Berserk Eva 01 screaming

Berserk Eva 01 howling with an icky shadow of itself behind

Eva 01 with missing armor

Eva 01 shooting up a manhole

Upper body pic of Eva 01 glancing upwards

Closeup of Eva 01 with bright eyes

Berserker again

Cute Chibi Eva 01 keychain

Beat up

Eva 01 all lighted up

Eva 01 fighting Sachiel

Eva 00

Eva 00 and Eva 01 holding their weapons

Eva 00 holding it's head like it has a headache

Eva 00 model

Eva 00 on it's hands with a mountain in the background

Orange Eva 00 behind powerlines

Eva 00 propped up against a building ready to shoot

Eva 00 holding the Lance of Longinus

Eva 02

Eva 02 with the armor on it's head breaking off

Fanart of Eva 02's first appearance covered in cloth

Eva 02 holding something above it's head

Eva 02 jumping on a battleship trying to avoid an angel

Eva 02 looking up

Eva 02 running through a forest

Eva 02 under water looking at the oncoming angel

Eva 02 holding up it's extendo-blade

Eva 02 stabbed throught the head with the spear

Other Pics

The three EVAS

The three Evas holding their weapons with little tiny men at their feet.

Not so good pic of Eva 03

Evil Eva 04-13 surrounding Rei and Kaworu from Death and Rebirth

Close up of one of the Evil Evas

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