The Tenshinhan Misc. Facts Section

In this neat little information section you'll find all the other facts and info that isn't big enough for it's own section. Here, there are small facts like Ten's deaths and stuff like that!

Tenshinhan's Deaths

1. Saiyan Saga - When fighting Nappa Ten uses his Kikoho to try to kill Nappa, but the force it put on Ten's body was to much and Tenshinhan died.
2. Trunks' Time - In Trunks' timeline when the androids killed Tenshinhan.
3. Buu Saga - Basically Tenshinhan died (with a whole lot of other people) when Buu destroys earth.
Wishes Made That Affected Tenshinhan

1. Freeza Saga - This is when the Z gang wishes back Tenshinhan after they get back to earth from planet Namek.
2. Buu Saga - This wish was made to restore all the people killed by Buu.
Top 5 People Who Made a Big Impact on Ten's Life

5. .:: Lunch - You can't have a good life without a woman.
4. .:: Me - If it wasnt' for me there wouldn't be an ultimate Tenshinhan shrine!
3. .:: Tsurusennin - If it wasn't for this guy Tenshinhan wouldn't have been as good of a fighter. Tsuru is Tenshinhan's trainer.
2. .:: Gokou - Gokou has inspired Tenshinhan to keep training and is someone Ten looks up to. Without Gokou, I don't believe Ten would train as much.
1. .:: Chaozu - Chaozu is Ten's best friend and also inspires Ten to keep going and training. Ten treats Chaozu as if he were a really close brother. So Chaozu definitely is the person who made the biggest impact on Tenshinhan's life.
Voice Actors

Japanese: Hirotaka Suzuoki
English: Matt Smith (seasons 1 &2)
English: John Burgmeier (season's 3+)