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Pyros, Catgirls, and Sharp, Shiny Objects: Escaflowne Insanity Ensues

Van at the end of the series

This site was made by three anime freaks in Minnesota. It focuses on their most loved anime...Escaflowne! We absolutely love it, so we made a site filled with our fan fics, favorite pics, and whatever else that this site consists of.The best part are the fan fics; we took a lot of time and thought making them! Hope you enjoy it!

Now for the Boring Disclaimer: First of all, if you can read this, you do not need glasses. We do not own Escaflowne or any other copyrighted material mentioned on this site. We are not making profit from this site, and have no money, so please don't sue us!!!!(if you sue, all the money you will get will probably buy you a pack of bubblegum, and not much else!)

I'm sorry. My counter clock is temporarily for a long period of time out of order. Please forgive me!