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**Tenshi no Imeji ** Image of an Angel

Konnichi wa Minna-san! Welcome to Image of an Angel! This site is under major construction.It's just a warning, but I would listen to it if I were you. right now, my main attraction is the Hell Bovine by the Guest book. He's there for a reason. *sighs* oh well, back to making this site look much better. Ja Ne!-Gally


Ooo, today is the 31st of December. at 10 p.m... New Year's eve.

Yes well, I've been looking through this site, and I am sorry to say, *well actually I'm not* that it's a very crappy site altogether. hmmph. In fact, I'm not very fond of this site or the way I designed it. It is time to give Tenshi no Imeji a new look. *yes , yes, I know I've said this before, but this time I actually plan on doing something!*. What that means, is, if parts of the site are not very pretty, and links don't work, etc., that's because I'm working. so piss off.

Thank you. Oh! and have a lovely New Year! Ja ne minna-san!



cosplayer // Gally

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