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Last updated:10/18/2000 09:23 AM

Princess Ayeka

Tenchi Muyou! Began not too long ago as a
part of Pioneer's new direct releasing of anime it was created by a
company called A.I.C.The series is basically the story of an average
teenaged guy, Tenchi Masaki, who one day accidentally awakens
a cute female demon named Ryoko In no time, Ryoko's resurrection
attracts Princess Aeka of Planet Jurai, whose brother left to fight
Ryoko, Sasami, Aeka's little sister who came along for the ride,
Kagato, the infamous pirate who has come for Ryoko as well
as the power of Juraian Royal Trees,
Mihoshi, the bumbling Galaxy Police
detective who is sent to find Kagato. With four alien women
suddenly living in his house, Tenchi's life is quickly turned
upside-down. And as though that weren't bad enough, during the
battle with Kagato, Mihoshi unwittingly releases Washu,
the galaxy's number one genius mad scientists
(and she's cute too!), who decides to live with them as well.


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I hope you Enjoy Exploring my site.I only started watching the Tenchi series since it began on Cartoon network and I Immediately thought it was the one of Greatest Anime series I had ever seen.My other favorites are Dragon-Ball Z and Gundam wing My brother has a great gundam site NEW EARTH, it has tons of pictures,midis,games etc,I really recomend checking it out.Not many people know this but Tenchi Muyo roughly translated from the Japanese Language means "No need for Tenchi",and it is fitting for him since he never seems to be in control of what's going on around him,everything seems to just happen to him,and it is one of the factors which makes the series so original,along with the fact that the women living with him always seem to get him in lots of trouble, even though all of them care for him very much.



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