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~~Little washu's Cute PageThis is a great page for you Washu lovers and people who need some info on other pages.
~~Tenchi Masaki Tenchi-Muyo! shrineThis is a great all around site.
~~Tenchi Muyo no Need for A Homepage
~~Tenchi MuyoThis is also a great all around site.
~~Mike Washu's PageThis is a page great page and I have subbmited some info to the owner.
~~Xander's tenchi Muyo PageI have not been to this page, but I am sure it is a good one.
~~Boboki's Wonderful World of Tenchi MuyoThis is a great all around site with a lot of information to read and maybe bower if you ask the owner
~~Tenchi Muyo Site 59 A good site and example for the beginnier page builders.
~~TenchiFlareThis is got to be my sites sucesser to my page. this is the greatest Tenchi Muyo site I have seen so far in my tenchi Site and TV searching. MUST SEE!!!! Also the pic on top, I got it and all the other ones link it from this site. so this is where it will be acknowledgeed from.
~~Washu's GetawayThis is a great site to visit and the site owner did a good job on the set-up. A wonderful site to visit.

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