It's Gotta Be the Hair...

Konnichiwa Minasan! I'm Greenwood, fanfic writer, anime watcher, bishonen kidnapper and Taito obsessy extraodinaire!

What? What is Taito, you ask? Taito is, simply put, the theory that Taichi Kamiya and Yamato Ishida of Digimon are not only really good buddies, but lovers to boot! I mean, look at the picture. Aren't they just adorable together? *puppy eyes* There are so few pages out there that allow taito pairing, and fewer sites actually encourage it, and if you try to find one that centers around the two, well....lets just say you better leave a note asking the landlady to feed your fish. So after DAYS of frustrated seraching (gee I'm patient), I created this page! A shrine to the two hottest boys in Digimon who only deserve the best --each other! Now if only they'd be willing to do a threesome....*sigh*

If anyone is interested in talking to me, I'm constantly on and off AOL Instant Messenger under the screenname GreenwoodIzumi. Look me up!

News as of July 3rd, 2k1: Just wanted to deeply apologize for holdin out on the winners. I've got the winning fic and everything, but I'm on vacation and unable to upload it. I'll post it when I return. In the meantime, the July contest is up and running. Give it a shot if you'd like! Everything always under major construction, so wear a hard hat made of reinforced Yamato's hair gel, and watch out for broken links!

"Just who is Taichi, anyway?"

"And who's this Yamato guy?"

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And a big thanks to all of you who send me encouraging email! It's really uplifting!

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