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April 6, 2001
I have spotted two things of interest related to Anime. The Fox Kids show, Big Guy and Rusty, is an obvious copy-off of the classic 1950’s Japanese TV show, Astroboy. Rusty also has “atomic powers,” and a robot friend. It was so brutally similar that I practically died laughing. Later, I caught a video on MTV, “One More Time” by Daft Punk. It looked just like Anime. And upon further inspection, you can see that TOEI ANIMATION STUDIO directed the video! This is incredible that Toei works are appearing on MTV. And it appears often as well. An episode of the “Andy Dick Show” had a clip of the video play at the end. It appeared on “Hot Zone.” Every member of the animated band wore Sailor moon-like tiaras and among characters I found a Queen Emeraldas and a Tetsuro look alike.

I hope to god your getting your Anime News elsewhere, cause you aren't gonna see anymore here.

April 4, 2001
Back in da biz!!!! Go here.

March 19, 2001
While I'm updating, I remind you that the record this anime fan left behind is not accurate. I've seen Cowboy Bebop in it's entirety, most of Trigun, most of EVA, most of Miyazaki's many movies, alot of Ranma...alot. I may update this site in the future because I am starting several sites all hosted by me. One is Nihon Comic Group. Two more are coming. If you play Starcraft (KICKS ASS!) download one of my maps. Colony Wars and Galactic Front.

Janurary 5, 2001
I'm just making it official that I will never update this site again. Yes, I know the Miyazaki spotlight is completly wrong. Miyazaki was involved with more then 8 movies, several TV shows and two comics. I don't, however, care. There's really no point in me maintaining an Anime site. No point in doing what many more have done better. If I knew Iframe or SSI I would continue running this site, but I don't. So goodbye, and you'll see more of me soon.

December 5, 2000
I can write a spotlight for both Cowboy Bebop and Gasaraki, but right now I can't. Why? Perhaps it is not publically known that my position in the human evolution is Slothus Erectus. Or something. I'm too lazy to look it up. And yes, I KNOW Anti-Ep doesn't exist anymore, but if I wanted to take the button out of my table code I'd have to go to EVERY SINGLE HTML FILE on my page and change it. I don't have Iframe. And by the way, I was never a member. I just put that up there to try and improve my chances. And I'm not even Anti Full Episodes anyway, and download them regulary. I like hits though :)

When I do get around to fixing that table code, however, I'll get rid of the mailing list and the chatroom. They're getting old and no one ever uses them.

November 24, 2000
There is no excuse for me not updating for nearly a month, but...I'll try. If I spent half the time I spend on Anime Forum on my site, we'd have a PlanetNamek on our hands. If you want to hear my witty humor (har har) more often sign up and start posting!

My friends, I have done something truely evil. You know that Kenshin spotlight I wrote awhile back? I never even saw Kenshin when I wrote that. I gathered the information from a review for the Kenshin OVA in Animerica magazine, and from a quick look at the fourth episode I saw at computer camp with my Anime junkie friends. Now that I have actually SEEN Kenshin, I rewrote the spotlight. You may see a spotlight for Gasaraki in the future, my DVD will probably be arriving today. By the way, the best place to get Anime without having to pay for DVDs is, where you can rent DVDs online. They have pretty much every title. Bardock special is out, DB Movie 3 is out (great dubbing), Gasaraki is out, Bebop session 6 is out...alot of shit is out. Maybe you'll see some decent updates this weekend.


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