Ranma 1/2

Continuation Road : N
Continuation Title: Nabiki -- New Horizons
Author: G.L. Sandborn
Synopsis: Nabiki Tendo meets and falls in love with a mysterious young man.   Is it love or is she just up to her old tricks.   In any case, it's not going to be easy as she thinks he's poor and without prospects.   Or is he?   Will Nabiki discover the truth?     Is there really a heart inside the Nerima 'Ice Queen'?   After all, there's more to life than wealth.  Right?

Continuation Title: New Beginnings
Author: Jonathan "Dark Phoenix" Ford
Synopsis: Ranma gets a chance to fix his life, but nothing ever goes as planned.

Continuation Title: The New Order
Author: Rippen Drakuzz
Synopsis: This is a crossover between Ranma1/2 and Sailor Moon I started from a weird idea I had. I was tired of Ranma always beeing some reincarnated senshi, or the lover or relative of Usagi. This is a different approach to the story, hope you like it.

Continuation Title: Never Let Go
Author: Demon Saya
Synopsis: Another chaptered fic by Saya.  Akane-chan gets kidnapped after the failed wedding by none other than...Ryuki?!  Who's he?!  WHAT?!!! Ranma's older BROTHER?!

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