Ranma 1/2

Continuation Road : D
Continuation Title: Dance Until Tomorrow
Author: Demon Saya
Synopsis: Akane has been asked to preform in this years Dance Competition.  She has one pair ticket, a killer costume...and a hunk of a fiancee...things couldn't be better.

Continuation Title: Dark Present, No Regrets
Author: Rippen Drakuzz
Synopsis: Things don't always happen in the way you expect. Sometimes you have to make a choice, and sometimes there is no choice. Whatever the case, there's someone who has no regrets for the past and will overcome the hardships of the present.

Continuation Title: Darkness Ahead
Author: Jonathan "Dark Phoenix" Ford
Synopsis: Ranma comes into his birthright and both he and Nabiki are plagued by mysterious dreams.

Continuation Title: Demon's Dawning
Author: Jonathan "Dark Phoenix" Ford
Synopsis: My first work of fiction. Ranma is having some major problems, with demons and gods alike. See what he does about it.

Continuation Title: Dual Destinies
Author: AnimeAddiction
Synopsis: Where one becomes two and the &%@# hits the fan.
RD's Two Bits: Read more of AnimeAddiction's fanfics on their Feature Page!

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