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The Bet
Original concept by Gregg "MetroAnime" Sharpe 
06/04/02: Note from RD:
Because this page is no longer been maintained, I've removed the actualy .txt files for these fics and condensed them into one big .zip archive, which you can download HERE.  The links shown below are no longer valid. Metroanime is still writing Bet-related fic, however, and you can check him out at Fanfiction.Net.
Back in mid- to late-1998, Gregg "MetroAnime" Sharpe released a multitude of mini-fics to the FFML and elsewhere, and put to us the question of which of them should be continued into their own series, which should be dropped, etc.
The eventual Winner of the Bet, Featherbrite's Tale is widely known and has a great following.
And many Bet entries have been taken over by other authors and made into some very entertaining fics in their own right...

But what of the others?

The Bet entries that didn't win and weren't picked up by other authors...
The *unofficial* entries that weren't created by MetroAnime, but appeared at the same time...
Gregg Sharp's other Bet-based mini-fics that appeared after the Bet had ended...
And many others, all laying dormant due to lack of interest, exposure, or other reasons.

Until now.

It is *my* opinion that many of these entries, even if they are never continued, are quite good and deserving of attention. With a little luck and interest, some fanfic author will decide to continue one of these ideas and stun us with fanfic brilliance.

Or just knock us for a loop in a fit of hilarity. : )

There are DOZENS of Bet fics, and I have a feeling that I'm missing quite a few. With the loss of the entire contents of the Usenet:FFML Archive, I've been unable to locate some of these fics anywhere but here. If you have a URL for some site where any of these stray ficlets are stored, let me know. 
If you know of, or better yet have a copy of, a Bet fic that I have missed, please let me know ASAP. 
Official Bet Entries

Bet Parody Fics

Continued Bet Entries

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