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The Poco Angelo Theory

Heero Yuy... What makes him tick? Is he a case of good child/bad environment or bad child/bad envrironment? Let's start of with the facts. Prof. J told Relena Heero was actually "a kind hearted boy". I believe he is talking about the time BEFORE they (yes, a mysterious they) moulded Yuy into a cold killing machine. Was this really the answer to peace? Creating a mass weapon of destruction like Heero?

He's a lose cannon, a wild card. No one can control him. Heero can't even control himself. Take his massive mood swings for example. One minute his is laughing like a lunatic about killing someone, and the next his is calm and composed as if nothing happened. Those who trained him left no strings attached, heart strings that is. I mean who could not burst out into belly-aching laughter when Duo makes one of his famous witty comments?

Back on subject, I think there is a 'good guy' somewhere in Heero's subconcious mind. No matter how dark/evil/insane ^.^** Heero becomes, this part of him will keep him from going completely over the edge. Let's call this little niche in his subconcious Poco Angelo (Italian for little angel). Poco Angelo is comparable to an old shoe tossed and forgotten in the back of the closet, but it is there. It's the locked away compassion, love, and emotions of Heero Yuy.

For example--Heero cannot bring himself to kill Relena although he attempted to do so *several* times. Why? He loves her, and Poco Angelo won't allow Heero to kill that love, a human emotion. He doesn't know of Poco Angelo's existence.

When first faced with the chance to kill Relena (when the party wasunder seige and Heero could've used his Gundam to squash her like a bug ...) Heero said something to the affect of:

"Why the hell can't I do it? Why can't I kill her?!"

Maybe he was taught "don't hit girls".

Either way, you can't help but feel sorry for Heero. His various attempts at self-destructing himself/his mecha have been reduced to a running gag in the show. It shows that this guy is really nuts... Crazy or devoted to a cause? Is there much difference in a world caught in the arms of chaos? It's survival of the fittest, and not even Poco Angelo can stop Heero from facing the gauntlet.

I leave you with these words of parting-"

Omae o korusu...

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