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The Lobby


Welcome, visitor. What is Gundam Wing you ask?

This anime series takes place far into the future when Earth has become crowded so people flock to colonies is outer space. The poor colonies suffer from chaos and dischord caused by "Oz" , a bad bunch of military type people.

*Enter the Gundam pilots. Five boys who fly the strongest mobile suits (or mechas depending what you want to call it, but simply stated they are huge mechanical suits armed with weapons)crafted from a virtually indestrucable alloy called Gundanium. Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei each have their own mobile suit and differnt style of fighting. They are the "guardian angels' of Earth who destroy Oz's mobile suits whenever possible ;)

Helpful Little List of Words/Phrases

Omae o korusu- Literally translated from the Japanese version of Gundam Wing, this is Heero's catch phrase. I'm going to kill you.

Mobile Dolls-These are the enemie mobile suits used by Oz.

Colonies-These are space station-like colonies around the Earth, located in outerspace.

SD-Super Deformed pictures...Where they look like children/chibis.

To find out more about these pilots, visit the Pilot Dorms

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