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Shrine of the Stoic Soldier: Heero Yuy
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Omae o Korosu...

This shrine is dedicated to the anti-social, tortured soul code-named Heero Yuy. Heero has an intense aura that draws others to try and chisel through his granite façade...He is torn in conflict between killing and 'doing the right' thing, so his philosophy evolves to "Killing is the right thing..."
You will find character bios, images, fanfiction (as soon as I can finish writing it), and other goodies including the other Gundam pilots.

This Shrine also has an e-mail provider where you can get a free Heero Yuy e-mail address (
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Step quietly! Leito, Quatre's pet kitty, is napping somewhere in the shrine. Shhhh. Now where on Earth did she go to ...?

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**Bringing Heero Yuy to the Web since July 29,2000**

Note: Due to guestbook problems, as of September 13, 2000, the Shrine has a new Logbook. Sorry to all those who signed the old one!


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