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~ Blitz's Sexy Anime Studs ~



Howdy! I'm the webmistress(WM), Blitz. Along for the ride are my minions, slaves, whatever you prefer, Duo Maxwell and Trowa Barton.

"Howdy everyone!"(That's Duo in the green.)

"Greetings." (That's Trowa, the ever quiet one.)

~ Trowa gives WM a hurt look ~

Don't look at me like that, you know I can't resist those puppy-dog eyes!" ~ WM suddenly launches herself at Trowa ~

"Uh, Blitz, the webpage. Blitz? BLITZ!!"

Nani, nani?! Oh, right. ~ WM climbs off Trowa ~ ANYWAY . . .

This site started out as a list of all my favorite sexy anime studs and has grown into much more! (If you're looking for actual horses, sorry! The only ones you'll find are the three above.) Along with the List and the Bishonen, there is now a links page, a Gallery, and . . . uh . . . Okay, so there's not a whole lot more, but it will grow as I work on it, promise. ^_^

"Me and the Killer Carnie are here to add our two-bits about Blitz's choice anime men. Mainly fighting techniques and fashion choices." ~ Duo gets evil smile on his face thinking of how he's going to rip apart all of Blitz's other studs ~

~ Trowa picks himself up off the floor and straightens his clothing ~ "We're also here to keep Blitz's mind where it should be: making the page."

mumbling"Good job so far . . ."



The Gallery


Go See All the Pocket Bishonen I've Caught! Be Warned: There's a LOT

Go See the Kitties I Adopted!

Image © Nene Thomas. All rights reserved! Used with permission.


7/27/01 ~ Wow, it's been awhile. But now there is a Trigun (I luv that show!) gallery up! Lots of pretty Vash pictures! And there is now more info about the Angels in their Secret page. (FYI: That's the very last link on this page.)

7/13/01 ~ I have Anime Kitties now! Aww, they're so kawaii, go look!!

7/6/01 ~ Two more picture galleries are up: Magic Knight Rayearth and Sorcerer Hunters! There's about 75 pics in the MKR one and over 20 in the SH one, so go check 'em all out!!

7/4/01 ~ Happy Independence Day all you Americans! ~ Duo waves a little American flag in the background ~ And to celebrate, I finished bringing the List up to date!! That basically just means that the Rayearth section is now updated. But, hey at least I'm working on it!

7/2/01 ~ WHO-HOO! Blitz has updated the List!! The Escaflowne section has been updated!!
~ Duo clears his throat in the background ~
mumbling But that's all that's new. *sweatdrop*

6/28/01 ~ The gallery is now up and running! There are Fushigi Yugi, Record of Lodess War, Shamanic Princess, and Tenchi Muyo pics up. A lot more will be coming soon!! I also put up some info on the Angels gracing my page. Take the link at the bottom of this page. ^_^
~ WM notices Duo and Trowa staring at her, eyebrows raised in expectation ~

OK! OK! I admit, I didn't touch the List!!! Happy now?!

6/27/01 ~ Well, I decided to completely "revamp" the site because the old format was driving me crazy. Now I have separated the site into several different areas instead of one huge-ass chunk on a single page. Hopefully this will make it a bit more bareable. The List is still in all its grand hilarious wholeness and will be updated soon.
~ Guys can be heard laughing in the back ground ~
Why does everyone laugh whenever I say I'm updating soon?
"I'd answer that, but you'd probably hit me."
Damn straight.


Well here's the disclaimer. I figured I better put this on here so no one thinks I'm stealing things and gets pissed. Basically I own nothing on here. I got all the images off webpages (too many from too long ago to site them here) and stuff I scanned. All characters, shows, pictures, etc. are copyrighted by their respective owners. If you want me to take something off of here, drop me a line and I will. And please don't sue me. I'm poor. All my money goes to buying anime movies and merchandise. Okay, that's all the legal crap no one really reads, but you have to put in the site anyway.


If you would like to use any of the graphics from this page, follow the Faery Princess.

© Nene Thomas. All rights reserved! Used with permission.

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This is the amazingly adorable Chibi Duo Bat I adopted. I love him! I named him Mador, who is an angelic guard stationed at the 4th heavenly hall. I'm sure you can guess why I named him that! ^_~ He sits on my shoulder and tells me secrets and helps inspire me!

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Hi! I'm Chibi Quatre.
I was adopted by Blitz.
In return for her love, I have promised to watch over her site.
Am I doing a good job?

Adopted at Dragon Tears

My name is Trowa Barton.
I was adopted by Blitz.
Even though I wear a clown suit,
I am no one's fool.
Anyone who brings harm
to her website
shall not live to tell about it...

Adopted at Dragon Tears

Hey, that's me.

Yup. ~ WM glomps Trowa ~ And you're all mine!!

the Mistress

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