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Sandrock Rocks

Mobile Suits
Here are some pics of Sandrock and the other Gundams!!
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Hey, visit my new DBZ site. It's alot better than this one and is growing fast! DBZ-HQ Thanks,

Vote for me in Sandrock Rocks Top 100 Gundam/Anime Sites Okay. My new site thing didnt work. But Ive got Email now. Or Im offering email from another site to you. Okay. Im taking out the adexit things. I dont like them anymore. okay. Now if anyone out there know how to add POp-ups that I could add to my page please email me. Thanks also send in requests like what would you wanna see on my site. And ill let you know if I wanna add it. okay. TTYL Bye. (UPDATED 03/23/01) P.S. I just got my second PUPPY Ever. YYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! And one more thing. Ive got a new topsite List. So be sure to add yours at the Link above. See ya later bye.

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