You thought DIC was thought CWI was bad...but it could have been much, much worse!
What would happen if Sailor Moon was crossed with fast food franchises? Undiscovered creepiness is a thing of the past! Prepare yourself...

This is it, folks. The meat and potatoes (so to speak) of our website. The parody that started it all. Please enjoy our running commentary on the dumbing down of foreign culture for an audience the media percieves as slightly more intellegent than dirt. Or as we simply call it...

Sailor Food

The Heroes:
The Inner Franchise
The Outer Franchise
Friends and Family
Sailor Starlights

The Villians:
The Negaverse
The Doom Tree and the Negamoon
The Buerau of Bad Behavior
The Dark Moon Circus
The Sailor Animamates

The Seasons:
Sailor Food
Sailor Food R
Sailor Food S
Sailor Food SuperS
Sailor Food Sailor Stars

The Movies:
Sailor Food R: The Movie
Sailor Food S: The Movie
Sailor Food SuperS: The Movie

Before You Start Singing, how about a Little Work!

See how much you remember about the Stories

The Songs:
The Sailor Food Theme
The Power of Food
The Sailor Colas Theme

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