Togepi: The Life Leech

Cute, sweet, innocent...
What lurks behind that coy smile? What evil thoughts center in that cute little head? What maniacal plans of world domination does this little egg-thingy conjure?

You are soon to find out...

Togepi: In the Beginning
Long ago, when the world was young, humans were still living in caves, and Pokémon were smarter than even the brightest of the ape-people, there lived a venomous creature called TOGEPI.
Young. Cute.
Brilliant. Deadly.
Togepi. The very name sent chills down any Pokémon's back. Even the cave people told stories of the evil one. He was a psychic-type, but had plenty of grass and normal going on too. These three powers combined, added to the evils of his own personality, made for a very deadly Pokémon.

What did he do?
Togepi would latch on to something- a human, or a Pokémon- and he would suck the very energy from them. Destroy them until there was nothing left but an empty shell. And then he would control them. Possess them, if you will. Take over their mind.

Togepi was too small and weak to fight. But the other Pokémon weren't. And he knew that.

He built an army, little by little, day by day, until he had a giant force. And then they attacked.

It was almost the end of the world- and it all came to be because of TOGEPI.
Luckily, several of the more powerful Pokémon (namely psychic types and ghost types) found a way to stop the evil. The built a strong layer of shell over his head, sending him into an eternal sleep. They locked the venomous creature away in a deep, dark cave, never to be seen again.

Until Now.

Togepi: The Awakening

Ash Ketchum discovered the egg. Brock Harrison raised it. Meowth watched it in it's last days.

So many lives connected to the evil. So many people to take from.
Togepi sapped energy, little by little, from these humans who raised him. He was too weak to break the shell- yet. But soon... very soon...
And then came Team Rocket. They stole him. They raised him (sorta). James tried to eat him.
Those 3 beings of such high energy levels was enough for the egg. He drank the life from them (ever notice how Meowth was all gushy in that ep? And J&J were more emotional than usual... that's why)... and he hatched.

And so, the terror began again

And he chose Misty. Why? Oh, sure, the Pokédex claims that Togepi attaches itself to the first person it sees.
But let's face it- Dexter is full of crap.

Togepi took Misty because she was strong. Because she had will-power. Because she was tough.
And those were exactly what the egg needed to feed off of.

What's keeping Misty from the terrible hold of this creature? Ash; her love. Brock; her crush. Even Team Rocket; her enemies.
They are not blinded like Misty is. They see the evil. They feel it. Even Meowth and Brock, who for a time were under it's spell, see it now.
Didn't you ever wonder why they didn't try to get Togepi back? Well, there's your answer.

And all of them, even her enemies, knew they had to save her from the wrath that was...


Togepi knew what they were doing. It was cunning. It was almost too cunning. So it tried to destroy them all.

First, he tricked Mewtwo into almost destroying the world. Ash was almost dead... but then Mewtwo really did begin to destroy it, and Togepi had to save itself.
So Ash lived another day.

Then he got rid of Brock. He dumped the teen off with the maniacal, evil Professor so that she would crumble his self-esteem and will power.
And it nearly worked.
Except for one tiny detail.
As long as there are girls in the world, Brock will continue to live.
Togepi had miscalculated. He would not fail again.

Team Rocket. The final ones to conquer. They would be tough.
Togepi sent them on a mission: save the world with Ash, and be heroes.
And fall to your deaths.
And they did.
But once again, Togepi forgot something: Team Rocket is immortal.

But still he tries. And still they fight.

They fight for Misty, they fight for themselves, they fight for the very world.

A never-ending battle between good and evil. Who would come out on top? Only time would tell...

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