Pikachu: Satan's Pet

Cute, cuddly little rodent...

Or Satan's Pet???
You decide.

The Theory

Here's what I think: Satan and his pet Pikachu, after years of Underworld fun, decided that it was time for Pikachu to see the real world (seeing as how Satan had to stay below... with his "friend" Sadam Hussein). So he was sent up to act like a normal Pokémon, make some friends, learn about the real world, etc.

But Satan's plan didn't go so well.

Because you can't change someone's true colors, no matter how much you try. And Pikachu was evil through and through.

He befriended a Professor- got trapped in a small, enclosed "deathtrap" as he referred to it, and was let out to go with an idiot boy.

An idiot boy who might one day become a great trainer, Pikachu thinks with a smile.

He tests the boy. And the boy survives. So Pikachu decides to go with him... and perhaps, one day, rule the world as the GREATEST POKéMON EVER!!


The boy, Ash, is blinded, as is his obvious crush, Misty. Brock seems blind to this too, but since he's always flirting he probably wouldn't notice.

But Team Rocket does.

And they aren't fooled.

Why would they chase after Pikachu for so long, hm? Perhaps because they know he is SATAN'S PET and believe they are the only ones to stop it? Sounds reasonable to me.

Besides, giving it to Giovanni will be a good thing for both PK and Gio... Giovanni is already practically Satan!

The Proof

So much proof... so many lies... so much evil in one yellow rat.

Look at that! Shocking the ones who care for him! How's that for a friend??

What'd he ever do to you, huh? He's only trying to save the world from Satan's Pet!

*Gasp!* And the Professor did so much to take care of you, too!

Oh, now that's just harsh!

See, he's evil.
And if you still don't believe me...

Did anyone notice that in "Pokémon Shipwreck," Pikachu and the others think TR's dead, but they aren't. Then, when PK finds out they're alive, he snaps his fingers... as if he wanted them to be dead!

And something else...

You know those people who say that Pokémon is the devil, and it's delivering hate messages to the world?
Those people might not be as crazy as we once thought.

"Pikachu" backwards is "Uhcakip"! Er, I don't know what it means, but SOMEWHERE in the universe that is a dirty, dirty swear word!



Oh my God! He's on drugs!


*Double gasp!* I never knew... not that crossdressing is evil, of course... but still...

What other evils does this Pokémon possess? What more havoc will he wreak before Team Rocket finally manages to catch him? The world may never know...

Note: I hope you all I know that I was just kidding with that "Satan" thing... I'm sorry if I offended anyone. BUT HE'S STILL EVIL!

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