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4/16/2003: Uploaded two new banners. That was all.

4/10/2003: Lots of updates today if I do say so myself. I changed the look of my fiction page and added two new pages, a timeline, and a short guide to bloodtypes. There's also a new link on the Links page you should really go check it out, it's a really great site.

4/09/2003: Uploaded a background for the homepage, I hope it doesn't affect the visibilty of the writing. Also uploaded three chapters to the fan fiction section, and added a links page. Don't really have any links, I'm still waiting on someone to e-mail me back about adding her link. I'm going to add some charachter pages tomorrow and probably a few more chapters.

Later on 4/02/2003: Screw it all! Forget Freeservers, when I tried to change the layout, it deleted my pages, so from now on, everything's here. Now all I have to do is get all my images, etc. etc. and move them here. Hell's bells I hate it when stuff like this happens!

4/02/2003: I found my old website at freeservers, and screwed it up trying to fix it. So, now I have that to do but the link will be on the home page, so all the old information is there. It's crappy right now, but hey, it has been sitting for over two years. Oh yeah, I added two more chapters to the fanfiction.