been there, done that, got the t-shirt...

DISCLAIMER: I don't really remember many details of what happened at the con... but I'll just make them up as I go along! ^_^ So, look at the review, and wait for the pics.... coming soon!

I first got to the con at 2:00 pm... I wasn't very happy about this (I was 4 hours later that I wanted to be!) The first thing that I saw when I walked into the hotel was a man dressed as a giant Ryo-oh-ki in the lobby. The second thing- a tallish guy dressed as Heero Yuy , complete with green tank top, hiking boots, (water) gun and SPANDEX SHORTS. I then went upstairs to get registered.. and got a shock- tickets are $15 less than I thought they would be! Yay! I then went to wander around the artist's alley.. I decided it was time to go when my mum, who came for a while, picked up a book of hentai art and freaked out. I went back downstairs to find the actual con. I found this room where music videos were playing.. I tried to see them, but the room was packed and I was on the outside at the very back, behind a very tall man. I could see bits and peices of a Slayers video set to the song 'Allstar' by Smashmouth.. it looked funny. I then wandered downstairs to the dealer's room. There were so many people there who were cos-playing that my mum, who was my designated picture taker, took most of my film up in that room. When she left to take more, however, she failed to tell me that she didn't know that most cos-players LOVE HAVING THEIR PICS TAKEN, and so I'll probably have alot of 'sneaky' pics of cos-players (ie: their backs and profiles). I was overpowered by Otaku BO, and had to flee the room.